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5 Free Tools for Book Writer

If you're an author looking to write and publish your book, check out these free tools!
Angelica Hartgers Oct 23, 2019

1. Book Royalties Calculator

Use this free Book Royalties Calculator tool to determine the best publishing route to take in your journey of becoming a known author. This calculator will break down your book's earning potential based on the publishing route you take.

2. Word & Page Count Calculator

Stuck on how many words to aim for in your book? Use this Word Page Count Calculator from Self-Publishing School to decide number of words that you should include when writing your book, based on genre and topic.

3. Plot Generator

Stuck on plot? Get inspiration from a Plot Generator to help you plan out what might happen next in your book's storyline.

4. Outline Template Generator

This free Outline Generator tool from Self-Publishing School helps you create an outline for your book! Simply choose your book's genre, and get access to a free document with a ready-to-edit outline.

5. Nonfiction Book Title Generator

Use this Nonfiction Book Title Generator to help you craft the perfect title for your nonfiction work.