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7 Sites That Will Boost Your Creativity For Writing

Angelica Hartgers Oct 01, 2019
Creativity is fickle. That's why it's always a great idea to recharge your creativity with some inspirational sites that will boost your motivation to write.

1. Wonder Forest

The WonderForest.com is an amazing site full of all things creative, from crafts to business to life inspiration. There are tutorials for watercolor, DIY home items, and even baked goods.

2. Self-Publishing School

If you're the writer type, you can find heaps of ideas for writing your next book on this blog. Some top posts include 400+ writing prompts, a guide to creative writing, unique writing tips.

3. The Creative Penn

For writers, whether fiction or nonfiction, there are tons of resources for not only writing, but marketing and book publishing process as well, helpful for writers and creative hearts.

4. Creative Boom

CreativeBoom.com is a hub for creative topics like art, film, graphic design, and even offers tips for working with clients, marketing, and business ventures.

5. Self Publishing

SelfPublishing.com is an up-and-coming space for writers to flourish in their creativity. Not only does it cover educational topics around self-publishing, but has super detailed articles around character profiles, overcoming self-doubt as a writer, improvement strategies.

6. We-Heart

We-heart.com is a great place for artists with a passion for how art connects with culture. Visit this site if you're looking for thought pieces on style, interior design, sculptures, and more.

7. Aint-Bad

Aint-bad.com is a publication of photography works that elicits real feeling, and it ain't bad, if you ask me. Here, you can find magazine, articles featuring photographer spotlights, and even a shop to purchase fine art work.

Go Get Creative!

We hope you find these sites helpful in boosting your creativity and inspiration and you go long in the field of writing.