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7 Tips for Writing a Blog Post

Humayun Kabir Aug 19, 2019
Many people go to blogging to get to know themselves and others. No matter how many blogs you write, if blog readers do not like reading blogs, everyone except your few friends will be annoyed to click on your articles for a second time. If you want to make a blog beautiful and be a successful blog writer, you have to follow some rules.

1. Relevant Blog Content

Before writing a post on a blog, you must first understand the needs of the reader and you should find out whether the content you are writing on is relevant to the blog.
If you are writing a blog on the musical instruments in the title of a smartphone, then the readers of musical instruments won't read the post.

2. Attractive Title

Headlines are very important for the blog posts. Try to write an attractive title so that the readers are attracted to read the post. However, don't write a creepy title at all. As a result, readers will not be attracted. Rather they will lose their attraction to read the post.

3. Highlight some of the Topics

In the beginning, highlight some of the topics your selected blog post so that the lazy readers do not get lost after reading a single line. In one word, try to keep some interesting material and write all things in detail, but when writing, keep in mind that the same text does not come up again and again.

4. Never Copy and Paste

Many copy and paste other people's writing. Never do it. Because the basic content of the blog is originality. In order to preserve the true value of a blog, all popular search engine including Google, rank based on basic text and visitors. If you regularly steal someone else's blog posts, the search engine will blacklist your blog and send no visitors.

5. The Number of Words

It is recommended that every article in the blog be at least 300 words. If you want, you can write more than 300 words. Many people write the same thing over and over again, so the reader is annoyed.
The importance of presenting original material in a small, beautiful and orderly way is much more important than big writing.

6. Add Relevant Images

Try adding at least one image to the inside of the blog post or the place that is most relevant to your theme. Keep in mind that the image must be related to your post.

7. Search Engine Friendly

After writing, include some keywords that are helpful to the search engine for the blog post. Each of them should be related to the article so that the tags you put in the post should be related to the words in your original post.