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Condolence Notes

Rajib Singha Jan 26, 2019
Coming up with some simple and sincere condolence notes is one of the many things you can do to share the agony and pain of the bereaved. Such notes are also a kind of tribute to the life the departed has led.
One who has suffered the loss of a loved one has, his heart weighed by sorrowful thoughts and deep agonizing feelings. In such a difficult time, a genuine way to show that you care is to send condolence notes.
It is true that the person who has had to face this heartbreaking situation, can only bear and understand what it is like to lose someone you dearly loved and respected. Even if your words of comfort do not help reduce the pain of an aching heart, they will at least, help the person through his difficult process of grief and mourning.


I cannot feel what you are feeling at this moment of time,
But please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers
May God give you the strength.

(Name) was truly an honest and kind soul.
He will be dearly missed and spoken about his noble deeds.
I can never forget that time when (Name) melted by heart with his benevolence....
Quote some memory you shared with the person.

(Name) stood beside me like a guiding star in my times of sheer darkness.
His memories will always be cherished by me and my family.
(Name) had to go through a great deal of pain due to his prolong illness.
I pray that you will find comfort in knowing that God has freed him of his pain and agony.

If there is even a single thing I can do to offer you my help in this stressful time,
I would consider myself lucky and honored.
Please accept my deepest condolences.
I cannot find words to let you know how deeply moved I was after learning this news.
While keeping you in our mind, know that we are honoring (Name).

One of the many things I will thank God for, would be his gift in the form of a friend like (Name). The space he left in our lives can never by filled.
God has called for (Name) to reward him, for he spent his life serving others.
With these words we send you feelings of comfort and strength.

When (Name) was among us, he was always admired.
Now he won't only be admired but even remembered from the deepest of our hearts.
Here are some points you can consider while writing condolence notes or letters.
  • Alwaysrefer to the departed by his/her name.
  • Apart from empathizing and acknowledging the loss, note some special qualities of the departed.
  • Offering help is also a form of condolence which you can provide to the bereaved. However, it is advisable not to leave the offer open-ended.
  • As mentioned earlier, you may also mention an acknowledgment of any ailment which the deceased person has been suffering from.
  • Quoting any special memory you have about the departed, is also considered a humble approach in writing such notes of sympathy and condolence.
  • Do not forget to conclude the note with an appropriate closing. For example, 'With deepest sympathy', 'My sincere sympathy', etc.
It is wise not to make the condolence notes lengthy and too flowery. It is important for your words to mean more rather than sounding loud. Most importantly, do not contemplate much about putting down the words. If you had known the deceased person well and feel for the loss of the bereaved, your words would just fall in the right place.