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Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

Creative Writing Ideas for Kids: We Knew You Wanted These

Creative writing is an excellent skill to cultivate in children, and can foster further avenues of their creativity. Here are some ideas on which kids can start and practice their budding art...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Kids are like wet sand―you can mold their minds in whichever shape you want, and this would set the basis of their future. You will always see children scribbling or drawing something on a piece of paper. This is the best example of the natural attraction kids have towards penmanship, however clumsy it may seem. You just need to influence them in the right manner so that they become more creative and expressive.
Making kids work is a daunting task. At this age they are very stubborn about everything they do. So the best way to deal with them is to let them do the things they want to do. All kids love to write about their daily experiences, their favorite activities, etc. Let's just nudge that interest into an enjoyable and creative endeavor, shall we?
Creative Writing Ideas for Tiny Tots
Here is a list of some topics which kids would like to write about.
  • One time when they performed an act of bravery.
  • One dish that they would make for their family, and how they would prepare it.
  • Whether they'd like to go the Moon, and why.
  • Tell them to write about their siblings.
  • Description of their favorite pet.
  • Description of their favorite season, and what they do in that season.
Creative Writing Ideas for Kindergarten
We all know that writing is one of the most important aspects of academics, and having the basic knowledge of creative writing is a good start. Here are some easy topics for kindergarten pupils.
  • How did you spend your last Sunday?
  • Describe your best friend.
  • Describe your favorite pet.
  • Their favorite Hamburger or Sandwich.
  • How they plan to spend their summer vacation.
  • Their favorite hobby or pastime.
  • How they would 100 USD.
  • Describe your favorite toy.
  • Where they would go if they could fly.
These were some easy creative writing ideas for pupils in kindergarten and elementary school. Encouraging them to write on different topics improves their thinking and writing skills, and makes them more aware of their surroundings. Make writing fun-filled, give them easy and interesting topics, and watch them learn while having fun.