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Elementary Writing Prompts

Charlie S Oct 30, 2018
Here are some fine elementary writing prompts, which can improve the written skills of students to a great extent.
Kids these days are very creative, and they love to learn new things. The main aim of writing prompts is to give suggestions to kids to write on their topics of interest. They can help kids to come up with interesting essays and articles. Narrative, persuasive, essay, and journal writing prompts are well-known for kids in elementary and middle school.

Things to Remember

Narrative writing prompts can be the best for kids in elementary school. The children have to explain the series of events, in their own words. The topics given are very simple and are mostly related to their day-to-day life.
The prompts can either be fictional or non-fictional - as per the choice of the person. Then, there are persuasive ones, which need smart reasoning and logical thinking on the part of the kids. The task before the kids here is to write in such a way as to carefully convince the other person how their point of view is correct as per the situation.
Expository topics expect a step wise explanation of a process from the kids. While writing, the kids will start an expository essay with the main idea, followed by the steps and then an apt conclusion to end it.
Journal prompts help kids share their personal experiences, likes, and dislikes, while the essay prompts are written to explain to the readers the meaning of the statement, which has been given as a prompt.

Narrative Prompts

  • Having returned from your friend's birthday party, write what happened there.
  • What happened on the first day of your school?
  • Your friends had come to your place to spend the weekend. Tell about the different activities you did.
  • You have recently participated in your classroom decoration program in school. Write about how the entire program took place.
  • Write down what happened in your games session in school today.
  • Friendship day was recently organized in your school. Give details of the same.

Persuasive Prompts

  • Write how you will convince your parents to enroll your name for an arts and crafts class.
  • How will you convince your teachers at school to organize field trips and outdoor games sessions for you more often?
  • Write on how you will convince your mother to get a pet cat for you.
  • How should you convince your parents to buy a new toy for you?
  • You saw your friend's new bicycle and wish to own one just like his. Write down how you will approach your parents for a new bicycle.
  • A student studying with you needs money to pay his school fees due to family financial problems. Write how you will convince your dad to give for the same.

Journal Prompts

  • Which is your favorite hobby or pastime? How do you practice it?
  • What would you do if you were a fish?
  • Write about how your recent foreign vacation to Canada was, what you did and how it was different from your previous vacations.
  • Write in detail about your favorite cartoon character and state why you like him so much.
  • Who is your favorite actor or actress? What do you like about him/her?
  • What would you do if you could fly like birds?

Essay Writing Prompts

  • Write an essay on 'My Grandfather'.
  • Write an essay on your best friend describing his likes, dislikes and looks.
  • Write an essay on what you would want to do and learn in middle school.
  • Write an essay about your school teacher.
  • Write an essay on 'My Favorite Electronic Gadget'.
  • Write an essay on 'My School' in detail.
As kids develop their writing skills, they will automatically learn new things in life which is good for their overall progress. So, carry out these suggestions and watch them develop their skills. Good luck!