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How to Write Creatively

Master the Art of Penning Down the Mind: Learn How to Write Creatively

What is creative writing? How is it different from all the other writing genres? This article provides useful information regarding this concept and how you can get effective and better at it.
Natasha Bantwal
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Creative writing is completely different from research papers, because the writer is given the freedom to use his or her imagination to the fullest when creating a story. Nevertheless, depending on the topic of the story and how much knowledge he has regarding it, research is also a very important part of writing in general. So, you may ask: what's so special about it? The best thing is that the reader and the writer, both enjoy it. However, it doesn't come easily to most people, and for some of them, the task of writing essays and stories can be extremely frustrating, boring, and time-consuming. So, here are a couple of ways to start with the same in an effective manner.
Tips to Write Creatively
Like any other form (or rather art) of writing, this must be regarded as a type of a process. Beautiful words do not just fall out of the sky and then suddenly appear on your paper, as if, by magic. So, stop staring at that paper. It's time to get started, and here are just a few pointers to help you along the way.
Find a Peaceful Place
Look for the right place; a place where you are at your creative best. Some people prefer writing when they are alone, while others prefer noisy surroundings to get their thought processes working. So, try experimenting with different places and you'll find the perfect spot sooner or later.
Find your Inspiration
Creative writers generally have some source of inspiration, which has inspired them to share their stories. So, find something that makes your imagination run wild. Some people like writing when listening to music, while others prefer watching TV in the middle of the task, for a while. But, don't go and use other people's ideas; be original and use your own, and let the beauty of someone else's work inspire you to come up with your own bestseller.
Jot Down Points
Most of them have a problem with getting started and just end up going blank or staring at the paper for hours and hours, waiting for that perfect idea to just spring up out of nowhere. There is no point in waiting; it would do you good to just start with it. Start by taking down points and just go with the flow of your thoughts.
Go with Imaginative Flow
At any given point of time, write only as much as you think you can; don't overdo it. On some days, you'll be in a better mood and will be able to type away continuously, while, on other days, you'll probably not be able to write a word. Try as you may; don't lose hope. On such days, just call it quits and get back to it the next day.
Edit your Own Work
Once you've completed your story, it is time to go over your work and to edit parts that you don't particularly like. Many writers go over their work many times. Keep revising till you are absolutely satisfied with your work.
Becoming a Creative Writer
Creative writing does not have what you would call a specific structure. It symbolizes everything that can make you excel at any given task. Being an art that is more or less bent towards creativity, it is absolutely necessary for the writer to have a wild and vivid imagination. Yes, writing is indeed a lot of fun to read. There are many different types of writing, including fiction, essays, character sketches, monologues, screenplays, and letters to the editor.
When it comes to writing a creative essay, writers too suffer from what all of us call the "writer's block," which makes it very difficult to begin. The best way of getting rid of this block is to brainstorm. Brainstorming helps all to come up with different types of creative ideas and thoughts. And as we all know, the only way to go is to let your thoughts flow freely.
Another important step to be successful at it is to come up with different ways to alter, correct, and build on each of these ideas. Since it revolves around the imagination, even preposterous ideas are more than welcome. For instance, if you are working on dinosaurs, feel free to use your imagination, and write a story based on talking dinosaurs that play chess all day and smoke pipes in pubs. Once you come up with a concrete idea, you should then learn how to organize your thoughts. If you're writing an essay, it is advisable that you start by making an outline with all the main points that you want to use. Think about the introduction for the essay. Essays and stories are required to be engaging right from the start. It should be inviting to your audience, and it would do you good to start your essay with a good anecdote. Being imaginative is the key to success.
A good method to use when writing creative stories is the journalistic six. This method involves asking a few questions like where, what, how, when, who, and why. Always remember that it is very important to proofread your story once it is completed.
All in all, creative writing will take you to a whole new world; a world where you are allowed to express your thoughts and feelings through a story. So, whether these guidelines help you or not, anything that gets you started will be useful. As intimidating as it may seem, this style is probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyable genres of writing that exists.
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