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Good Books to Read for College Students

Scholasticus K Oct 21, 2018
The college library is a sea of knowledge and swimming about in the waves of words can be a difficult task. To make it easier, here are some suggested reads for college students.
Several times we would have been asked by students about what books to read, as many are not aware of their likes or preferences and have not been introduced to that particular topic or subject. Hence, here is my attempt to share with you some really good books that are sure to widen any young student's horizons.

Business Books

MBA students and students who wish to join the corporate world should definitely read these books, as they narrate stories of corporate success. These books describe tales of people and organizations who made things work for themselves.
Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple
An account by Pepsi Co President and Apple Inc CEO, John Sculley, co-authored by John A. Byrne. The book is not just an account of events, but is also an excellent business model narration that bears a great number of explanations. It is also among the best-selling books of all times.
Maverick!: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace
Autobiography of Ricardo Semler,chairman of Semco, one of Brazil's largest conglomerates.

Straight from the Gut
Jack Welch narrates his stories of success in this autobiographical book. It is great inspiration and a story that never fails to astound.
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
This book by John Maynard Keynes is the best one for all students who shall be handling finances of any kind in future. Personally speaking, the book makes the brain much more mature.
Wealth of Nations
Another economics based book and a must read for all would-be businessmen and corporate aspirants. It is a pioneering book by Adam Smith on economics.

Books on Law, Politics, and Society

If you are a law, arts, or political science student, then these books are must reads for you, as they deal with some very elementary concepts related to society.
The Republic
In this book, Plato discusses values such as equality, justice, and liberty. The book is a dialog collection between Socrates and various other listeners and thinkers. Some other concepts, such as theory of forms and the immortal soul, have also been described in the book.
Federalist Papers
The book is a collection of 85 papers written by authors Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. The entire book is a comprehensive elaboration of the United States constitution and advocates its ratification and implementation.
Democracy in America (De la démocratie en Amérique )
A classic French text by Alexis de Tocqueville published in two volumes in 1835 and 1840, where he examines the democratic revolution that he believed had been occurring over the past seven hundred years. The book is a classic and is a great pioneering work of economic sociology.

Inspirational and Biographical Books

It is important to be inspired and motivated at a young age, and there are several novels that will help you in this regard. Following are some great inspirational books.
  • When Heaven and Earth Changed Places by Le Ly Hayslip
  • Rickenbacker by Eddie Rickenbacker
  • My life by Golda Meir
  • The Story of My Life by Helen Keller
  • Iacocca: An Autobiography by Lee Iaccoca
  • Made in Japan by Akio Morita and Sony
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
As a student, these books may or may not interest you, but an introduction, however brief, to at least some of these books will surely keep you in good stead later on in life.