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Gravestone Inscriptions

Medha Godbole Oct 6, 2018
Gravestone epitaphs are the words which are inscribed on the headstone on a person's grave. These words are meant to commemorate the memories of the deceased.
Death definitely comes as an end, at the same time it is a beginning of new journey. However, the pain of losing a person close to you is immense. This is the reason we give so much thought to the last rites.
We want the soul of the person to be peaceful and without any conflict. Gravestones are a very significant part of the last rights after the burial of the deceased person is done. These headstones are important, because words in the memory of the deceased individual are inscribed there.

Inscription Suggestions for Gravestones

The epitaphs can be based on different themes and types of wording. There are a number of ideas based on these themes. The inscriptions can have religious or poetic verses, or be humorous as well. In some cases, they can also have song lyrics.
Poems and songs often turn out to be a significant part of a person's life. So putting a favorite song or lines from a poem will be a great way to remember that person. Let's look at some examples.

Example 1

Precious Memories of
Edward Harris
A Devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather
Born May 2, 1922
Died January 4, 2000
Always Rest In Peace

Example 2

These examples are very simple and very common:
  • In memory of
  • Precious memories of
  • Treasured memories of
  • Gone from home, but not from our hearts
  • Eternally loved
  • Cherished memories of
  • Forever young, forever in our hearts
  • Precious are the memories of (the name of the deceased)
  • As a mother and wife you cared for us, the Lord will now care for you
  • Your memory will live on in our thoughts and hearts
  • Praying you are peaceful and in the arms of the Lord
  • Your smile, love, and heart will be missed forever
  • Rest now, your soul is free
  • The love you gave, will never die

Example 3

Here is an example, a verse from poem. This is a poem by Emily Dickinson -

"Death is a dialog between
The spirit and the dust.
Dissolve," says Death.
The Spirit, "Sir, I have another trust."
Death doubts it, argues from the ground.
The Spirit turns away,
Just laying off, for evidence,
An overcoat of clay."

Example 4

To keep the memory of the person who is dead, one can also have personalized gravestone inscriptions. You can have a catch phrase very often used by that person or a quote liked by that person on the gravestone. It could be related to your loved ones hobby and passion or even profession too can be put as headstone sayings.
Eventually, what is written and how artistic it is does not matter. What matters is that the writing on the headstones connect with your loved one and his/her memory is kept alive. If at all it has happened that the person died suddenly and you did not get time to see that person, the inscription can be a bit of consolation.
All this is painful to the extent of being out of the capacity of being expressed, but it has to be done, although the loss is irreparable.