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How to Address an Envelope to a Business

Stephen Rampur Sep 29, 2018
There are many professionals who miss out on certain finer points when addressing an envelope to a business. In this write-up, we have provided step-by-step instructions which can be really useful in your work life.
Everyone is aware that sending personal letters was substituted by email communication several years ago. However, business letters are still being sent and received, and hence, the need to understand how to address an envelope correctly.
It helps letters to reach the right recipient at the expected time, and also creates a good impression on the receiver. When it comes to addressing an envelope, you need to observe some professional etiquette which are indispensable components of formal communication.

Physical Characteristics

Foremost, select an envelope which is suitable for your documents. If you want to send more than three paper sheets, choose an eight by eleven size, instead of the conventional one which needs you to fold the sheets into quarters.
If you are typing it, utilize any font which is simple to read, like 'times new roman'. It is better if you keep the font size between 10 and 14, according to the size of the cover.


Start off by writing the sender's return address. You should always include it at the upper left-side corner. Simply make sure that it is not incomplete, and includes all essential components, like the sender's name, section or department (if any), suite or building, street, city, state, and most significantly, the zip code.
The business address has to be written at the center of the envelope. To make sure there is enough space, it is recommended to start in the center of the top half and leave sufficient space in the top right corner for the postage.
The address should begin with either a particular individual's name or the name of the firm. In case of the former, ensure to precede the name with the shorthand phrase, 'Attn:' which means 'attention to' and then follow it with the company name on the next line.
Big multinational companies receive substantial quantities of mail each day, therefore, it is advisable to use the attention line so that the delivery can be quickened.
Mention the name of the department or division on the next line. Big companies have various departments, and official correspondence ought to be directed as precisely as possible.
You then need to write the suite number or any similar information on the next line, followed by the street name or number. Ensure that you do not shorten the address, unless it is absolutely essential for spacing purposes.
Put the name of the city before the state using a comma, dividing the two, on the line after the street. Mention the zip code, or area code in case of an international mail. In case of international mailings, mention the country's name on a separate line after the city, state, and area code.
Importantly, do not make assumptions that abbreviations would be easily understood by the recipient. Therefore, it is always better to write in full form. These were the detailed steps to address an envelope and covered some of the finer points which could get missed, especially when there is frequent or bulk mailing involved.