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How to Get a Book Published

Abhijit Naik Feb 6, 2019
Not many people think about getting a book published, but the fact that it is an effective way to reach out to the people, does imply that it is worth giving a shot.
Writing is, no doubt, the best way to vent out your feelings and express your thoughts. Some people write poems and short stories, others write what they learn from life. Irrespective of what you write about, there is always a scope of getting your work published.
Unaware of the process involved, most of the amateur writers refrain from getting into the intricacies of publishing, and stick to their blogs and diaries. Those few who do, take the help of an agent and eventually end up being ripped off. It may seem a tedious job, but getting a book published is a lot simple than you can imagine.

Getting a Book Published

The most important thing about publishing a book is writing. Sounds strange, but you don't have to necessarily write a book to express your thoughts. If you doubt your writing skills, you can get it written by a ghostwriter―a person who will write a book, but give you the credit. This is mostly the case when a person writes about the experiences of his life.
A more suitable way is to publish your original work, which may include your poems, stories, or your diary. In either way, you will have to get your work edited from a good editor to minimize mistakes and add necessary details.
Once you handover your copy to the editor (or ghostwriter), he/she will go through the copy, do extensive research, and polish it. He might provide layouts and give you some suggestions, accepting or declining which will be totally in your hands. You should choose a good editor who has an interest in your story and not mere desire of an experience.
You can go through his suggestions and layouts and then approve the changes, if you feel they would be suitable. Then the editor will prepare a rough draft of the book and send it to you for your approval. You can go through the rough draft and ask for necessary alterations. The editor will apply the changes demanded by you and send you the final draft.
The next step is to find a good publisher for your book. This can sometimes be tedious, considering that you need to convince the publisher. You should approach a couple of publishers and eventually avail the services of the best one among those who are ready to publish your work.
Once a publisher is ready in getting your book published, he will give you a monetary offer. When both the sides agree to all the terms and conditions, including the financial parts, such as royalty, the publisher will go ahead with the publishing process.
Remember that your book will not be published in word format. Publishers use various publishing programs to publish books. The publisher will provide you with the print estimates including the number of pages and the publishing program used after having a look at your work.
The printing firm will provide you with a blueprint, which will give you the exact idea of how your book will look like when it's published. After the final copy has been approved by the publisher and you, the book is sent for printing. The publisher decides the number of copies of the book. The overall process may differ but the core will be the same.
There also exist an option of self publishing, wherein the writer himself does the task of publishing his book, but this can take relatively more time and therefore, it is wise to leave some things to the experts.
It will really feel good to see your own book at the bookstalls around the country, or may be the world. You never know, after your book is published, you may go on to become one of the best-selling authors of the world.