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Here's How to Make a Comic Book That Won't Disappoint Your Readers

How to Make a Comic Book
Comic books are popular with people of all the age groups, because they being complete entertainers. However, creating a comic book is a tough task and is an experts job. Let us understand how to make a comic book in this article.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Comic books are meant for fun and providing recreation from the daily study routines for students and hectic work hours for the adults. A comic book has several characters as per the need of the story and good dialogs and pictures which make us laugh. You need to have a great sense of humor and story telling abilities to make a comic book. The steps in making a comic book - the character, the cover as well as how to make one using the computer have been explained in the succeeding paragraphs.
Choose a Concept, Write a Story And Design the Characters
The plot of your comic book should be very interesting and unique. Try to be original and creative to create more impact on your readers, instead of stealing ideas by referring other comic books. Decide how many comic characters will be there in your book and give them interesting names. Prepare a rough draft of the story once you are fully confident that your story is good enough. Now, let us discuss how to make a comic book character.
Proper designing and making of the characters is the most important factor which will be contributing to the success of the comic book, because if the characters do not gain popularity, the comic book will not be read by many people. The appearance and dialogs of the main character and the subordinate characters should suit their individual personality. Write funny and catchy dialogs to make the comic book character popular. Use good language which is grammatically correct and easily understandable, by which your comic book will be read by large number of people.
Be careful while choosing the various locations and regions for the story and remember that these locations should be as per the need of the story and there should be a firm reason that particular shot is set at a particular place. The story should be interesting, funny, entertaining and thought-provoking, right from the start till the end of the comic book. Split the comic book into various chapters and do not lose focus in between the different chapters.
Sketch the Characters
The pictures representing the various characters should be very attractive and should be as per the need and behavior of the character. Hire an expert artist to draw the sketches for you, if you are not that good at drawing and painting. The characters should be colorful, and special importance should be given to the various expressions on their faces and their body language, while preparing them. The expressions are very vital because they help to keep the reader's interest, in the comic book, intact.
Making a Comic Book Cover
The cover of the comic book should be decorative and very fancy. Use different colors and pictures of the main characters on the cover page. The name of the comic book should be clearly visible and should be written in italics and in a color which has not been used elsewhere. Use a light color for the background and dark colors for other things like character photos and name of the writer.
By reading the above information, I guess you must have understood the procedure on the different ways in which a comic book can be made. Try out your fascination in making your comic book, one of the best in the market.
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