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Here You'll Learn How to Say 'Cheers' in Different Languages

How to Say 'Cheers' in Different Languages
Whether you will be clinking glasses in another country or simply want to impress that cute chick at the bar counter, bring an international flair to your social gathering by toasting in different languages. Penlighten tells you how to say "cheers" in different languages to help you make friends from around the world.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Oriental Etiquette
In Japan, it is considered rude if you gulp down your drink before saying Cheers.
Matter of fact, it is considered inappropriate in most cultures to drink before raising a toast or clinking their glasses and saying cheers, maybe the Japanese get offended by it! Whatever be the occasion, whether you drink to celebrate somebody's good health or to celebrate New Year, it is quite true that liquor removes cultural barriers between people, and helps to melt the ice (not just in your glass). We all are astonished to hear an outsider say something in our language. Now, you can surprise your drinking buddies from abroad and learn to say cheers in different languages.

If you are a traveler exploring different countries, you need to master only one word to make some local friends. For people who speak English, the magic word is Cheers. Do not underestimate the power of this word, take my word for it, if you go to a local bar, buy a drink, and yell cheers in their local language, you have made some new friends. Why wait any longer? Let's learn this magic word in different languages of the world.
Clink It and Say ...
Let's learn this magic word in different languages of the world.

Afrikaans Gesondheid
Albanian Gëzuar
Armenian Genats't
Arabic Fe sahetek
Basque On egin
Bulgarian Na zdrave
Bengali Joy
Bosnian Živjeli
Catalan Salut
Chinese (Cantonese) Gòn bùi
Chinese (Mandarin) Gānbēi
Czech Na zdravi
Danish Skål
Dutch Proost
Esperanto Je via sano
Estonian Terviseks
Ethiopian T'chen chen
Filipino sa inyong kalusugan
Finnish Kippis
French À votre santé
Flemish Op uw gezondheid
Galician Saud
German Prost
Greek Yamas
Hebrew L' chaim
Hawaiian Å'kålè ma'luna
Hungarian Egészségünkre
Icelandic Skál
Indonesian Pro
Irish (Gaelic) Sláinte
Cin Cin
Japanese Kanpai
Gun bae
Kikuyu Rathima andu atene!
Sanitas bona
Latvian Priekā
Lebanese Kesak
Lithuanian I sveikata
Malaysian Minum
Maltese Aviva
Mongolian Tulgatsgaaya
Moroccan Saha wa'a fiab
Norwegian Skål
Polish Na zdrowie
Portuguese Saúde
Romanian Noroc
Budem Zdrovy
Scottish Gaelic Slàinte
Zivio Ziveli
Swedish Skål
Scottish Gaelic Slàinte
Zivio Ziveli
Tagalog Mabuhay
Turkish Şerefe
Будьмо (Budʼmo)
Vietnamese Chúc sức khoẻ
Lechyd da
Yiddish Zei gazunt
Zulu Oogy wawa
Raising a toast with a new friend or perhaps, an acquaintance, in his/her own language, can signify respect. We have tried to cover as many languages as possible, but if you do know how to say cheers in some other language, feel free let us know through the comments section below. Everybody across the globe have their own way of saying cheers, which one will you use for your party?
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