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How to Sell Your Book

How to Sell Your Book Like a Pro to Different Types of Audiences

If the question of selling your book intrigues you, then in this Penlighten article, I have discussed ways and means to do it, by utilizing the least of your financial resources. Keep reading to know more...
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Selling a book involves streamlining the process of sales and marketing of the book, targeting the right audience, and narrowing on a strategy, that garners maximum sale for the book. Let's discuss a few steps.
Selling the Book to a Publisher
Once you have written a book, the next step you need to take is to approach a person who can proofread it, rectify your errors and polish it. If you can afford, then try taking professional help and ask an editor to proofread and edit your book. In case, you are unable to approach an editor, ask your friends, college teachers and close associates who love reading, so that they can help you in proofreading the content of the book. Remember, if the plot of your story revolves around your life, then your friends and close ones can be your best critic in analyzing the course and characters of the book.
After having proofread the book, search for a publisher. Well, you can get a lot of information about publishers over the Internet and in newspapers, but still try to approach a publisher with some good contacts and support. Check out your friends and others, who are associated with the publishing industry.
When you approach the publisher, explain them the plot of the story, how you came to write the story and the market that this book can attract. Remember good publishers can easily identify the matter that can attract them huge profits. While you may have dreams to see your book published, the publishers may see it with a business oriented angle. Try to be flexible with them in terms of business related to the book. You can also consider the option of self-publishing, but for this you will need a strong financial background.
Selling the Books Online
How about selling your book on the Internet? Well, I think it's the best idea to act on! In the quest to sell your book, you simply can't miss the wider reach that the Internet offers to the writers. You can create your own website about your book, and mention the summary and updates about the book. What else, if you are already a published writer, and if you have a fan following, then you can connect with your fans and readers, and share your experiences of writing the book. Blogging can be another interesting option for you that can connect you to your readers, and would help you increase the sales of your book. You can even register on online book shops, that can help you reach to a larger audience.
Selling the Book to Libraries
As soon you get the books published, donate some of them to the libraries as a part of donation, and try to be an active member of the libraries in your city and town. Still, in the age of online reading, people who have a passion for reading, look out for libraries and search for the books they want to read. Though you are not going to earn enough through the libraries, still it's a good option to let your book reach every nook and corner of the city.
Besides these, you can hire marketing professionals, who can help you in selling your books and give you new ideas to increase the sale. Even a very good launch party can be an option to make a strong entry into the market. So, if you can manage, try to flaunt your social contacts and reap benefits from it. Simple things like selling your books through hawkers and bookstores in the city, can also be beneficial in raising the sales of the book.
One thing is clear that if the book is really liked by the audience, its sale can multiply within no time! What readers want is a good book, and if the writer gives them that, they welcome his books with open hands! All the Best and Happy Writing!
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