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Your 7-step Guide on How to Write an Impressive College Essay

How to Write a College Essay
Knowing how to write a college is an essential skill these days. An essay is a portrayal or rather a reflection of your thought process and your linguistic prowess. Read on to find out more on how to go about writing a good, punch-filled college essay.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
The talent and aptitude for writing is something one is born with. However, when it comes to essay writing, you need not be Shakespeare or even Sidney Sheldon. You just need to be a bit smart and know the basics of the language.
Steps to Write an Essay
Step 1
Zero in on a specific topic. For that, let your imagination run wild. Let the topic portray one of the aspects of your personality. Make the topic as specific as possible; the more vague and expansive the topic, the more difficult it can be to expound on it.
Step 2
Now that you are clear about the topic, pen down a few words about the topic- the few main words. Then list the words or phrases which support your argument. Then list the words which are not exactly in support of your topic. Build the lexicon of your topic from the view of your argument.
Step 3
After getting these words in your kitty, the next task is to create an outline of the essay. Just make a rough outline of your essay using the words and concepts listed in the earlier step.
Step 4
The skeleton of your essay are ready now. It is time to get those bits and pieces together and come up with a rough draft of the essay. This is a very crucial step, so make sure that this is as close to the final essay as it can be. For instance, add a few sentences to the introductory sentence to elucidate the original sentence better. Do the same thing with the topic sentences. Finally, come up with a nice concluding paragraph. The conclusion is one of the most important parts of any literary piece.
Step 5
When you are done with the draft, forget about it. Come back after some time and read it with a fresh mind. Chances are, you will spot the mistakes and chinks in your armor. This is an imperative aspect of any kind of writing in fact. Ask yourself critical questions, and be ruthless with your own answers. Remember the valuable quote, "Write drunk, edit sober"!
Step 6
It's time to add the punch and emotional content to your work. Varying the sentences, adding a nice phrase here and there, vivid descriptions of people, etc., will add a colorful and interesting touch to your essay. One of the ways to write an essay is to have an intriguing or mysterious introduction. You can even start off with a relevant quote or a saying, or end with something on the same lines. You can even give a first-person account.
Step 7
Spring up surprises in the essay, for which humor can work very well. Once you are done with all the embellishments, read the essay once again. After you read it, give it to someone else to read it and take as many opinions as possible.
Eventually do a thorough spell check, twice or thrice! Wrong spellings are a big turn off for the examiners!
Be confident in your understanding of the topic, and it will definitely shine through in your words.