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How to Write an Introduction

Tulika Nair May 12, 2019
Do you want to write an introduction? Well, depending on what you want to write it for, the method may vary slightly. In this post, we tell you how to start your piece of writing.
Why is it important to learn how to write an introduction that is effective and draws the readers in? Well, mostly it is because it is the best way to let the reader know what the rest of the written piece is about. It is, therefore, important that your introduction is creatively framed so that your readers are convinced to read further.
It is also important that it inculcates a sense of trust in your readers. The main aim, of course, is to hold the attention of your reader. There are many ways to do so.

The Many Ways to Start

What is the best way of writing an engaging start? Well, simply look for inspiration in those that catch your attention. More often than not, what appeals to you as a reader will also appeal to others who are reading your articles. Your first sentence should be the bait to hook the reader. It is got to be clever enough to make your reader want to read on.

Trivia and Facts

Whether the piece of trivia is a funny fact or a shocking one, once you have hooked the reader with that first sentence, he will be forced to read further.


If you are a sucker for sarcasm, wit, or plain old simple humor, then this can be one of the best ways to start your article. A funny anecdote that has your reader rolling in laughter will ensure that he or she reads on.


Ask your reader a question. It is human tendency to be intrigued and to search for answers to different questions. Think of yourself in the same situation. If you were the reader, would you read on to get an answer to the question asked earlier.


One of the foolproof methods is to start with is a famous quote. A funny quote or saying can be an interesting way of providing a start to your article. Do remember that while using a quotation you provide a definite link to the content of the article.

The Different Types

In this section, we tell you how to write an introduction for different types of written pieces, from an essay, research paper, a speech, and a letter. While there may be some basic things that remain the same, fundamentally, more often than not, there is a difference in the way you write the start.

For an Essay

First you need to review all of your research. This is important to have clarity about what you want to say in your essay, especially your introduction. Do not clutter up the introductory paragraph with a lot of facts. Start with an interesting line using one of these techniques. Keep it brief and precise, and most importantly, grammatically correct.

For a Research Paper

It is important for you to be clear and informed about the material that you will be using in order to write your research paper. Write down the theme of your paper in one sentence. Once you are done with this, make an outline for how you want to format your research paper.
Once you are done fleshing out your research paper, it will be easy for you to write your introductory paragraph. While writing the introduction, do not start with the theme of the paper. Instead use a few facts and statistics to introduce your theme. Alternatively you can use a quotation.

For a Speech

Learning to write an introduction to a speech is very different from writing one for any other article, because you are writing for something that will be spoken in front of an audience. It needs to be very effective and impressive.
The best way is to think of a dramatic way of opening the topic at hand. Ask your audience a thought-provoking question, or start with a statement that can have a tremendous effect.

For a Letter

Many people confuse writing an introduction for a letter with writing an introduction letter. As a writer, you need to be aware of the huge difference between the two. Confused states aside, in letter writing, while writing your start, you should always focus on introducing yourself, and then tell the addressee the reason for writing the letter.
Writing an introduction is easy, but you will need a bit of practice to enhance your writing skills in order to write one that grabs the attention of your reader.