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How to Write a Beautiful Love Poem

If you wish to express your feelings, emotions, and love for someone through poetry, read the following post for help.
Sheetal Mandora Feb 1, 2019
While writing love poems, it's always best to keep someone in mind for inspiration. That individual doesn't really have to exist; even the desire to be with someone one day has the power to raise innumerable words in your head.
But when it comes to writing poems, you have, in fact, crossed the first hurdle; the desire within you. If you have the will, passion, and desire to write poems, then nothing and no one can stop you.
It's true that being creative and playing with words may not come easily for some people, however, trying your best is the right way to go. And who knows, in the process of learning how to write a romantic poem, you might just discover your hidden talents as a poet.
Love is a feeling that can't really be described how and when it will enter in someone's life. But you sure can explain how you feel about it. Nobody knows the logic behind being in love or has the definition of love quite down. Even though, we still try to give our best and hope to find him/her one day.
Famous poets like Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Edgar Allan Poe, Geoffrey Chauncer, Robert Burns, and most of all, William Shakespeare have expressed their understanding and 'logic' on this topic. They never took lessons to learn how to write a poem, and even though, they created some brilliant poems about the same.
The words just came from within and played itself on a piece of paper. These poets not only gave a tribute to love, but also made it immortal. With the complex weave of their eternal words, in the end, all they wanted to say were those three magical words.

Writing a Love Poem for the First Time

Even though there are other poem ideas to write about, somehow, the subject of love sounds more interesting for some people. It may seem cliché, but love is always around us, whether we like it or not. When you begin to write romantic poems, keep the following tips in mind.
★ First of all, while writing any kind of poetry, the understanding of meter is essential. This meter sums up the poem's structure and beat in every verse.
★ It is necessary to use your feelings and find a way to put them into words. If you're having a bad day, it becomes difficult to think of anything exciting, happy, or related to love. The true feelings will only come if what we feel is real.
★ Next comes the rhythm and the repetition pattern. Words that rhyme with one another, alliteration, and assonance, all placed in a distinctive manner will help build the poem. This will help while you write poems that rhyme.

★ There are different styles of poetry you can use while writing poems such as haiku poems, sonnet, couplet, limerick format, etc.
★ Also, it's essential to read as well. It's a very simple idea - if you read more poems (love or any other genre), the better you'll get in constructing one of your own. Also, as you read poems from various poets, the more you'll understand how the language and words are used.
★ If there are certain words in the verses that could be best left out, don't feel shy or get tensed to keep them out.

★ Your poems don't have to be about happy, first love, being-with-one-another-all-the-time, and so on. These poems can also bring elements of pain, regret, want, desire, etc.
★ When you write honestly and think about the person who makes you feel this way, the words will flow automatically.

★ And the most important tip is, you are trying to say 'I love you' without actually saying it in 3 words.

Sample Poem

I want to dream,
in the sweet bliss of your arms.
There lies a thousand worlds,
that can't make me cry.

With your tender kisses,
I can travel millions of miles.
So promise me, my love,
You'll always stay by my side.
When the blank pages of your book keep staring back at you with nothing on it, frustration can loom all around. But understanding and utilizing the basics of how to write a poem will take you miles ahead. All the best!