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Improve Your Vocabulary

3 Sure-shot Ways of Slowly and Steadily Improving Your Vocabulary

While inculcating a reading habit is the best way to build your knowledge of words, playing word games and familiarizing yourself with new words will also help. This write-up provides some simple ways that may help you to improve your vocabulary.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
The power and magic of words must never be undermined. Be it your career or personal life, saying the right words at the right time can make a great deal of difference. However, not everyone has a way with words. If you find yourself fumbling for the right words while writing or communicating verbally, you certainly need to start thinking about ways to improve your vocabulary.
Being well-versed in grammar and words can certainly work wonders. You will be able to easily impress people with your knowledge of words. Moreover, having a good knowledge of words can be a great asset, when it comes to interviews and discussions. Whichever career you may choose, you need to interact with people. To be successful, you must have a command over language. The need for having a good knowledge of words must be emphasized by the parents and teachers when children are young. This will certainly help them as they will be in a better position to play with words and use them to their advantage.
Ways of Building Your Vocabulary
Do you really wish to enhance your knowledge of words? I am you asking this question because this task requires you to be sincere and diligent. If the enthusiasm to learn new words fades after a while, it wouldn't do you much good. You need to have the desire to learn new words.
Reading Habit
Inculcate a reading habit. This is one method that is going to contribute greatly. When I say reading, I don't mean tabloids or comic books, I mean good quality reading material on diverse topics. So, be very careful about the selection of books, novels, or newspapers. If you come across unfamiliar words while reading, look into the dictionary to find out the meaning, usage, and pronunciation of the words. It is very important that you use the word in the right context. Jot them down in a notebook and use them during a conversation. Revision is also very important, so whenever you are free, go through these words and their meanings.
Group Study
It will be even better if you involve your friends. Writing the words down will not make a great deal of difference if you don't use the words in your conversations. Write vocabulary tests. Study sincerely for these tests. If you don't perform well initially, don't give up. Persistence pays, so keep studying till you score well. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus by your side. The market is flooded with several useful books that can help you to increase your knowledge of words.
You can expand your knowledge of words in leisure time by playing word games. Games such as scrabble, boggle, and crossword puzzles are an interesting way to refresh your memory. You can also play word games online. You could use the visual thesaurus. Several resources as well as games are available on the Internet. You can use a vocabulary building software. These user-friendly and innovative programs will make the task easier. You can even listen to the audio CDs. Improving your knowledge of words will not help if you use the words in a wrong context or make grammatical errors. So, pay attention to these aspects as well.
Being proficient in English language is an added advantage, as it allows you to communicate well. There's no denying the fact that a person with a good knowledge of words will be able to impress people easily. So, use these tips for enhancing your knowledge of words and enjoy the power of words.