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Transformational Journaling Ideas

Stephen Rampur May 10, 2019
Good journaling ideas can help you record all your feelings in a scrapbook, personal diary, or blog. This post gives you a list of options to choose from. Take your pick and get started already.
Times when you are happy, irritated, sad, or confused, are times when you feel like expressing yourself or sharing your feelings with someone. And there are times when in spite of getting the strongest urge to do so, you just cannot put yourself forth.
It may be due to a number of reasons like the fear of being judged, or not having anybody to confide in, or not getting the right words. At times like these, you should take a cue from some people who prefer to note down their innermost thoughts, ideas, and almost everything that runs through their minds.
This act of penning down thoughts on paper is referred to as journaling.
It is probably the best way to express yourself and record your emotions. You may be prompted to maintain a journal for varied reasons. You may want to keep a record of the good old memories and events that took place in your life, better your writing and communication skills, or simply release your frustration by doing so.
Traditionally, only scrapbooks were used, but with the advent of blogging and web-based social information databases, you can make notes online as well.
There's never a dearth of topics to choose from and there are a zillion things that you can write about in your journal. Here are just a few of them to help you get started.


You can write about your dreams, be it your sub-conscious dreams or the ones that you remember vividly, be it good or bad, be it real or unreal. A good idea is to try to relate such dreams to your real life.

Thanking God

Thank God for whatever he has bestowed upon you and for keeping you and your family safe. You can even note down a personalized prayer that you made by yourself.

Future Goals

Jot down your future goals and also mention your strategy to achieve them. Write down everything that you have done or will ever do to get one step closer to them, every time. The goals can be academic, personal, or even professional.

Learning from Mistakes

Write about the mistakes you've made - the good ones, the bad ones, the most memorable ones, your favorite ones, the most dreadful one, the most unforgettable ones - write about all of them. Don't forget to write what each mistake taught you and how has it shaped you into the kind of person you are today.

Overcoming Fears and Building Confidence

It is absolutely fine to write about your fears, concerns, and worries. In fact, doing so, makes them more real and conquerable. Write about your worst fears, your stupid fears, your incapability, your shortcomings. Writing about all this helps you come to terms with yourself, makes you accept yourself, and guides you to work upon yourself.
Think of how would you overcome your insecurities and fears and write that down as well.

Composing a Song

Think about the lyrics, give them a tune, and compose a song. The fact that you were able to put yourself across in the form of a song will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Best and Worst Moments Of Your Life

Everyone has had their share of the best and worst moments of their lives. I'm sure you have yours too. Write about moments that are etched in your memory like stone engravings. Write about memories that you wish to relive time and again.
Don't hold yourself back from writing about moments and times that were not really your best ones. This could act as a vent for your feelings and make you feel lighter.

The Most Hilarious Jokes Ever

A good way to remain happy is to read hilarious jokes, especially the ones that you never get bored of. You can make a collection of such jokes by posting them in your journal.

All about your Favorites

Your favorite song, sportsperson, ice cream, car, hobby, place, coffee, book, movie, musician, color, person, food, drink, accessory, memory, serial, breakfast - anything that's a favorite, write about it. You could also make a list of all your favorites.

Places You Like the Most

Write about your travel sagas, the places you have been to and their beauty, the places you wish to go to and your expectations about it. Don't just write about the destination, make it a point to write about the journey as well.
This will not only make you appreciate your days, journey, and time better, but will also in some way help you discover yourself. You can also write about places that you like to go to very often, either to relive a memory, or to reap in the beauty and solace that they offer.


That one quote which puts you in a better place on a bad day, the one quote which tells you that in spite of everything, life is good and worth it all, that one quote which makes you a fighter. Write it down and read it everyday. Note down some very inspirational quotes by successful people and be your own motivation and guiding light.

Skills to Develop

A better chef, a better mentor, a better musician, or a better person, for that matter. Write down everything that you want to be, and work on it. The fact that you write about it is a sign that you accept yourself and wish to improve yourself as a human being. This ushers an optimistic aura in your life and you become all the more driven.
These were just a few ideas to get you started. You can write just about anything your heart wishes to. Anything. Just let it flow.