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Learning a Language in 10 Days

Stephen Rampur Mar 12, 2019
If you want to learn a language in 10 days, the most essential thing you would need is consistent determination to do so.
In today's multicultural and diverse world, a majority of people have come to know the importance and reasons to learn a foreign language. While it is great to be able to learn it as per your ability, there can be instances when you would need to learn it fast. How fast can you cope up with it, also depends upon how seriously and effectively you do the task.
Some people think that, it is hardly possible to learn even the basics of a new language in just 10 days. However, with hard work and dedication, one can make it possible.

How to do it?

To learn a language in 10 days is not a very difficult task. You simply require a zeal for doing so. Internet technology has proven to be of great help in this task; be it French, Japanese, German, Chinese, or Spanish, you can learn any language easily.
Nowadays, you can easily learn online, or even on your iPod with the aid of different software. It may not be possible to speak fluently in a limited time, however, you can learn the essentials for communication. For attaining fluency, you would require more time with thorough practice and consistent use.

The Motive

The first step you need to take is to fix a particular goal. The more well-set your motive is, the simpler it would be to focus on what you actually want to learn. Think of all that you would do post learning, that you can't do now, such as use it for business communication, in personal relationships, or simply to show off.
Note down the topics which you would require vocabulary for. The motive plays a very important role in determining how long it can take to master the basics. The stronger the motive, the easier it gets to grasp the language.

Training Material

Find out some good learning material which can be anything like a textbook, an audio course, or simply a software. Just ensure that all the chosen materials give you a proper course of study. With a well-devised plan, you can easily reach your goal.
Make sure that it is credible, and more importantly from the country of the language you are trying to learn. If web training is undertaken, be aware of fraudulent web sites, and the like that might throw a spanner in your plans.

Familiarize Yourself with Words and Phrases

Though it is possible to learn the basics early, it is not an easy process. In addition to the motive and the consequent determination, you would have to study continuously for the most part of the day, for all 10 days.
It is also recommended not to sit for long hours just mugging up all the study material, but break your timetable into small periods of 45 minutes. Concentrate on getting to know different phrases. If you do not have a phrase book, it is better to note down a few of them, that you think you may need.
By getting familiarized with phrases, you would be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and easily, and would also be able to pick up a bit of grammar and composition.

Include Words in Sentences

When it comes to learning a new language in limited time, some individuals may find knowing 10 to 12 words a day comfortable, whereas others might learn up to 20 words.
If you desire to learn a new language, you generally need to get acquainted with the very basic and necessary words first. Experiment with adding words to basic phrases. Use the textbook for assistance, and choose a grammar topic, and study till the time you can put it in your sentences.

Practice Regularly

Remember that concentration, efficiency, and practice are significant components. Use the new language in your communication, even though you may feel a little uneasy in the beginning. Doing so would help you to take a better grip on the essentials.
These are some of the basic guidelines which you can use. After learning the fundamentals, you can further take some intermediate lessons to perfect yourself.