50 of the Best Narrative Essay Topics for Students to Choose From

50 Narrative Essay Topics for Students
A narrative essay is one of the easiest forms of writing where all you need is your creativity and experience. It is one of the most common assignments given in school or college. Many students face a problem in selecting a good topic for this essay type. If you're one of them, Buzzle will help you with some narrative essay topic ideas.
Tips for Narrative Essay Writing
✦ You may have hundreds of stories to share but pay attention to what storyline the teacher has given. You may get a prompt, so make sure that your story revolves around it.

✦ Instead of writing on a vast topic like "holidays", find a specific event of the past or a person you met. Likewise, it is good to limit the number of characters you introduce to the reader. Just bring in the most important characters and events.
The word 'narrative' actually refers to a story, be it a true one or imaginary. A narrative essay refers to the narration of a personal experience. These are given as assignments to test your thinking abilities and creativity. Find a very detailed topic so that you have all the words in the world to play with. After that, make a draft with the exact details of how your story is going to start, end, and the events that occur in between. Generally, narrative essays are written in the first person. So see to it that you continue the "I" factor all through the story. These essays are mostly written in the past tense so remember that too.

There are different types of topics you can touch upon, because it all depends on you. You could choose a past incident like something you learned from a wrong choice or just use your imagination to write on "If I were" topics. Given below are some topics to get you started. You can pick one of them or build on the ideas you like. Just remember that the reader should be able to imagine what you have been imagining while writing. Do well!
50 Narrative Essay Topic Ideas
How it started with your best friend
Special surprise for your parents
The overcoming of a phobia
A moment that changed you
Your unique strengths
Taking a difficult but right decision
The feeling of infidelity or disappointment
The feeling of failure or success
A person/place/thing that holds your heart
The most surprising event of your life
The feeling of owning a pet
If you had superpowers ...
If you could re-do your life
The best time you had with family/friends
The known stranger
The most memorable trip
Your greatest accomplishment
The importance of money in your life
A book/movie that changed you
When you would want to run away ...
Words that have inspired/troubled you
If you were an animal ...
The urge to travel and explore
Capturing moments forever
If you had a million dollars ...
Lesson learned from a child or a speechless animal
The most horrible moment/day of your life
The idea of a romantic date
Boredom to Freedom
What would you change in yourself?
The most embarrassing moment of your life
Down the memory lane
Ahead in the future
Your childhood: good and bad things
Moving to a new place
An adventurous day
Experience of getting lost
The influence of society on you
The best dance you had
The first day of school/college/job
If your pet could talk to you
Your weakness
A secret talent/love/fantasy
If you could do whatever you want ...
What is beautiful and ugly for you?
Reunion of separated friends/lovers
What charity would you do, if you were filthy rich?
Something unnatural you have experienced
Lesson learned the hard way
Your thoughts on love/hatred/friendship/family
Children and many mattresses
Close-up of a row of school lockers
Royce Hall At Ucla