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Persuasive Essay Format

Charlie S Feb 8, 2019
Persuasive essay is a good way to give your viewpoint on an issue, and to pursue and thereby change the minds of audience in favor of your viewpoint.
Writing a persuasive essay is very interesting and at the same time very challenging as well. It is a source by which, the writer has to successfully explain his point of view to the readers. Writing a good persuasive essay tests the factual and representative knowledge of the writer.
Writing can do the task of changing the mentality of the audience, by convincing them with the help of proofs and evidences that, their way of thinking is not right. The best thing about writing them is that, you get to express your views on topics, which are considered to be controversial or highly debatable.

Have an Appropriate Title

The title, which is an important part of the essay, should be written in bold letters and should be apt and catchy. It should be short and directly relating to the topic and the content. It should be able to generate immediate interest in the minds of the readers. You can write the title in the form of a question to grab readers' attention.

Write a Good and Relevant Introduction

The introduction should be written in a few lines, and should clearly explain the topic which will be discussed in the essay. The main concept in the essay should immediately be understandable to the reader.
The reader should come to know from the introduction itself, whether his queries and doubts will be answered in the next paragraphs. Also mention in a few words, why that particular topic has been chosen and what is its scope.

Main Body

The main body should contain three or four paragraphs, and should give all the information related to the topic of debate. It can be written in a question and answer format in which, the writer tries his best to answer all the questions raised by the media and the general public on the topic of debate.
It should include tips and suggestions, which can prove to be useful to overcome the grave situations. With the help of concrete details and proof, which can surely include the government published statistics or information received from authentic sources or reliable authority, writer can make the readers change their minds for their benefit.


In the conclusion, which is also an important part of the essay, you should again focus on the main topic of discussion and tell how your arguments on the topic are practically correct, just, and in favor of the public.
You can sign off by saying that, ultimately, it is the readers who have to change themselves, as the essay aims at giving creative suggestions and not enforcing anything.
A proper format is a must for the success of persuasive essay on any given topic. Writing it requires a lot of skills, which can be acquired only after sufficient experience and practice.