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Places to Donate Used Children's Books

Mukulika Mukherjee May 10, 2019
Having a tough time finding out where to donate your kid's books that you don't need any longer? Worry not, for here's help! Read on to know which are the places where you can donate used children's books.
To inculcate the habit of reading in kids, parents bring home all kinds of books ranging from activity books, puzzle books, nursery rhyme collections, picture books, coloring books and so on. The kids get to learn a lot from these books.
But after they reach a certain age, these books cease to interest them and they move on to reading stories or solving puzzles. So, what do you do with these books then? Donating them is a good idea as it can benefit many children out there who cannot afford to buy books.

Where to Donate Used Children's Books?

Children Welfare Organizations

One of the best places to donate used books are the various welfare organizations for children, located in different states. With just a little bit of research, you can easily locate a child welfare organization that is close to where you live. These non-profit organizations work for the welfare of children in different parts of the world.
They provide poor and homeless children with the basic necessities of life, which include food, shelter, clothing and education. Donating books to these organizations is a noble way to reach out to millions of children, for whom education and a good life are still a distant dream.

Child Care Center in Hospitals

Almost every hospital has a child care center that works for the welfare of children with serious medical complications, terminal illnesses or physical disabilities. The doctors at these centers try to help them with state-of-the-art medical care and rehabilitation, so they too can lead a normal life as soon as possible and return home to their parents.
During the course of treatment, when these children are in the hospital, the care center takes responsibility to make every child feel at home in every way and at the same time, takes care of the child's education. Child care centers of hospitals accept donations in cash but you can also donate toys, books, CDs, etc., that can be of use to the children.

Local Bookshops

Another good place to donate your kid's used books is the local bookshop. However, note that not all bookshops accept old or used books and so it is recommended that you confirm from your local bookstore if they do.
What use are used books to a bookstore, you may ask. Well, some bookstores organize sales where they sell old books at throwaway prices for people who are on the lookout for used or second-hand books that are in good condition.

Public Libraries

Never knew public libraries accept used books? Well, don't be surprised for they do it for a cause. Most public libraries collect used books that people donate and once or twice a year, they organize a sale where these books are sold at a very low price.
While some keep aside the amount collected from these sales for funding various library services, others distribute the books directly to deserving children to bring a smile on their face.

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are an interesting place where you can donate not only used books but any kind of stuff that you wish to donate. As you know, thrift stores sell the merchandise they collect through donations, at very affordable prices.
You can get in touch with your local thrift store or donate the books to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Not only this, you can also donate clothes, toys, shoes, CDs, DVDs, and other items that you find lying unused in your home.

Online Sites

There are several sites on the Internet which accept donations in kind such as books, toys, etc. These sites are run by various children welfare organizations and NGOs that work towards educating poor children.
While you can directly donate money on the site, for donations in kind, you need to fill in your details and a representative would come to your doorstep to collect whatever stuff you wish to donate. Sounds easy and convenient, isn't it?

School Libraries

School libraries are another place to donate books. Get in touch with a primary school in your locality and see if they accept book donations. It is most likely that they will, for, they find this a good way to diversify their collection. Also, if your child's own school is ready to accept books from you, then it further adds to the "feel good" factor!
Thus, there are several places where you can donate your kid's used books with ease. Also, often you find donation boxes placed in retail outlets, encouraging you to donate stuff for charity.
You can always make use of opportunities such as these to donate the books. So, the next time you have a pile of books your kid no longer needs, head to one of these places. Your doing so can bring a ray of hope in somebody's life!