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Poem Themes: Creative Ideas for Writing Poems

Deepa Kartha May 15, 2019
A poem often reflects the mood and emotions of the poet. Many people find it therapeutic to write a poem about their life and experiences. However, if someone is suffering from a poet's block, poem themes can surely help to reignite the creative process.

Everyday Life

Look around your normal, day-to-day life for inspiration. It could be anything from your daily routine to the stranger you see every single day on your way to work. You can also write about the sights you see, the fragrances you smell, the thoughts you get or even something unique you experienced during your day.


Love is a universal feeling that brings the world together. Love comes in different colors and packages. It could be romantic love, a mother's love for her children, love between siblings or even love for a pet or a prized possession. When it comes to the theme of love, the list could be endless.
Romantic poems can be about your first love, love at first sight, your one true love or even unrequited love. It could be a poem dedicated to the love of your life. Moreover, most people who have loved, may have gone through heartbreak, which can also be a great theme for writing a poem.


Everyone has dreams, and what better way to express them than writing about them. Your dream could be the goal you want to achieve, the house you want to buy, the family you want to raise, or the work you want to do. You could also write about what you dreamed about the other night. It would surely make an interesting poem!


Human lives are made of innumerable memories. Some may bring you immense joy, while some may bring back the pain you once experienced. But whatever it is, happy, sad, embarrassing, funny, angry or scary, it would make for a good poem. Moreover, memories need not be personal. Your take on a natural or a political event could make an interesting read.


What is the purpose of this life? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? How about writing a poem about it? Spirituality and God are popular themes used by poets around the world. It could be about your immense faith in God or lack of it. You can also write about your struggles, beliefs, ideas, etc. to express your views about spirituality.


Every season affects human beings in different ways, and this can make a great theme for poetry. You can write about the unbearable heat of the summers or the paleness of the cold winters. You can write about how every season affects you and your emotions. Comparing every season to your life experiences would also be interesting.

Human Emotions

Each of our emotions can be made into a remarkable poem. Right from happiness to despair or from loneliness or permanent loss, nothing is too trivial to not write about. Whatever you are feeling at the moment, just pick up your pen and let the words pour your hear out.