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Proofreading Exercises

Charlie S Oct 16, 2018
The proofreading exercises mentioned here will help you to know the process of checking the quality of written content, with ease.
Evaluating the quality of the content written either online or on paper can be done in an effective way by the knowledge of proofreading exercises.
However, these exercises can really help them only if they are conducted in an organized manner and the students practice them consistently. A good proofreader should have the capacity to find out mistakes in the content at a glance and this can be developed only with sufficient practice.

Check for the Flow of the Article

Proofreading should include tasks to check whether the flow of the article is right. The literal meaning of flow of article, is that the sequence of events or the way in which the article is presented to the readers should be correct.
Naturally, the article should start with the name of the title, the description, introduction, the main body and then the conclusion. The main body should be the longest paragraph in the article. If this flow for the article is maintained, then the readers will have no problems in reading it.
Another suggestion is to have an index at the top, in case of very long articles, to enable the readers to find their point fast. The proofreaders are also expected to check for the length of the article by taking a word count, so that the article has the pre-decided number of words for the article.

Check the Facts

The exercises should include tasks wherein, the teachers ask the students to check for the facts and numbers in the article. If the article presents some wrong or absurd facts, then this can be quite misleading and irritating for the readers.
The content in the article should be to the point and should include all those points which the writer was told to include right at the beginning. In order to check for facts, the students doing exercises should be asked to refer to Internet, encyclopedia, dictionary and other reference books.
It is the job of the proofreaders to convey to the writer, their views and make them aware of the mistakes committed by them. The proof readers can make the changes themselves or ask the writer to change the content by explaining to them what corrections are needed in the article.

Check for Grammatical Mistakes

The exercises should involve the students checking and correcting grammatical mistakes in the article. In order to find out the grammatical mistakes, students should themselves have good knowledge of the English language.
Checking for spelling mistakes, mistakes while giving commas, inverted commas and full stops, ensuring that every new sentence after a full-stop starts with a capital letter, are things included in these proofreading exercises.
Teachers can consider the idea of having the students work in groups. You can also have competitions within the groups and award prizes to that group who finds all the mistakes in the content given for proofreading.
These proofreading exercises can help the students to learn the language quite well. All the best for the job!