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Really Scary Ghost Stories

Reshma Jirage Sep 29, 2018
Many people are fond of listening to some interesting stories about ghosts. Although they are quite terrifying, you get thrilled while listening to them. If you are among those, you will definitely enjoy reading the following stories.
If you remember your childhood days, whenever it was time to listen to a story, you must have preferred hearing a ghost story. Even in adulthood, every person is eager to know about ghosts and their existence. Well, what is a ghost?
A ghost is considered to be the spirit of a dead person, or sometimes of an animal.
The word 'ghost' is also used to refer to any spirit or demon. Although there are many controversies about the existence of ghosts, there are a number of people who claim to have experienced such paranormal activities.

Story #1

This story is about Martin Pit, who suffered a lot from a witch. Martin Pit was a prosperous farmer in Tennessee. While Martin was inspecting his cornfield, he shot at a dog as per his assumption. The animal disappeared from that site. Then Martin started to suffer from the witch's activities. Banging and pounding on the shutters kept the family awake.
Every night, the bed covers were torn by the entity. The paranormal activities increased every day. That unseen entity introduced herself as 'Sandy'. 
Her attacks were mainly focused on Martin's daughter, Kelly, and Martin Pit himself. The witch quoted scripture, sang hymns, and engaged in intelligent conversations with the Pit family.
Her violent attacks made that family battered and bruised. She moved the objects in their house, also ordered them to do so, and thus disrupted their sleep. She haunted not only Pit's house, but also the surrounding countryside. When Martin's family friends came to know about it, they immediately came to visit him.
But the witch stopped their cars on the road to Martin's farm and didn't let them move forward without demonstrating her powers to them. The fact was that the witch hated Kelly Pit's fiancé, John Brook. She extremely tortured the young couple in such a way that Kelly broke her engagement with John and married a man that the witch approved.
When Martin Pit died, the witch claimed that she had poisoned him. The family found a vial of liquid. When they tested it on their cat, the cat instantly died. Nobody knew from where the vial came and how it got into the home. The witch finally left Pit's family, promising to return after seven years.
And the witch kept her promise! She returned to Pit's family exactly after seven years. She met Martin's son. She told him about the important forthcoming events in the world. Then she promised to return after 107 years.

Story #2

This happened in a little town of Ireland. It was a terrible dark night of a rainstorm. Paul, all alone on the roadside, was hitchhiking. There were no cars on the road. That poor guy was not able to see beyond a foot due to the strong storm. Suddenly, he saw a car coming towards him and got relaxed.
The car stopped near him. Being lighthearted, Paul got in the car without thinking for a while. He closed the door and he realized, oh my God! There was nobody behind the wheel! The car started to move slowly.
Paul looked at the road and noticed a curve coming his way. Petrified, Paul began to pray for his life. He had not come out of shock.
Just before the car hit the curve, suddenly a hand appeared through a window and moved the steering wheel. Paul was almost paralyzed in terror, when he watched how the hand appeared every time when the car was approaching the curve. At last, he somehow managed to open the door and jumped out of that horrible car.
Without even looking back, he ran to the nearest town through that fearful storm. When he reached the town, he was completely wet, exhausted, and not able to utter a single word due to shock. That visibly shaken guy went to a nearby bar and asked for two shots of Scotch.
Still frightened and trembling, Paul started telling everyone in the bar about that horrifying experience. He explained everything about the spooky car without a driver and the mystical hand that kept appearing. Everyone in the bar was frightened and realized that the guy was telling the truth.
After half an hour, two guys entered the same bar. One said to another, "Hey, there is the foolish guy who jumped into the car while we were pushing it."