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Sample Thank You Note Wording

Medha Godbole Oct 13, 2018
The two words - Sorry and Thank you seem very formal, but they are monumental when it comes to the nature of a person. Saying them to someone is absolutely essential. Here, we will give you some sample thank you note wordings.
It is one of the most important day of your life and there is hardly anyone to witness that moment and share your joy. How would it feel? But thankfully, if we have a lot of friends and are in proper touch with our relatives, that situation would not arise. Still, you have to be grateful to them for being a witness to an important incident in your life.
Sometimes, for instance at a birthday party, those present are given a small token for being present there. But even if you don't do that, the least you can do is, write a note expressing your thanks.
Remember these 6 things while writing thank you note -

- To the person concerned
Thanking the person - for a gift or a favor or just being present for an event
Positive comments - about the thing you are expressing gratitude for
Mention the manner of the usage of the Gift - (this will be needed especially in case of cash.) Or a mention of the recipient in a positive way In connection with the comments.
Thank you Again
Sign off or Close the note

List of Samples

Name or Dear XXX
Thank you so much for the beautiful cutlery set. Both of us really were delighted to see such a lovely cutlery set. We will surely adorn our table with the set and make good use of it. In fact, we cannot wait to use it!
Thanks again,
Warm Regards
(Sender's Name)
Dear - (Name) and (Name)
How thoughtful of you to give us a nice box of spices! Thanks a ton for such an aromatic gift! Both of us are sure it will add that 'requisite spice' to our married life as well as food!
Thanks again,
(Sender's Name)
Dear (Name)
I could not resist opening your beautifully wrapped gift and found it to be a lovely antique painting! How wonderful was it! Thanks so much. Both me and Ted loved it. It's just perfect for our home. But looking forward to seeing more of you on the D-day!
Thanks so much again,
Best Wishes,
(Sender's Name)

Baby Shower Thank You Note Sample

Dear (Name)
Thanks so much for that lovely baby quilt. Emma is sure to snuggle cozily in it!
Thanks again for such a thoughtful gift.
(Sender's Name)
Dear (Name) and (Name)
It was so good to see you two at the baby shower party. Thanks a lot for being there and giving us and the baby your blessings and the lovely gift. Your gesture is appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks again,
(Sender's name)
Thank you so much for throwing that baby shower party! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It will remain in my memory for a long time!
Thanks a lot, again,
Warm Regards
(Sender's Name)
You can always come up with creative ways to say thank you. It could be something like a gift! But it is important that you make the reader feel special and that you are really appreciative of the gifts and his or her presence at your special event.
Even if you might have given a return gift, a note is important. It will make the other person understand that you don't feel the gratitude, but can also express it. Because "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it", as said by William Arthur Wald.