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Story Ideas for Fiction Writers

Deepa Kartha Sep 29, 2018
Reading a fictional novel or short story is surely interesting. However, it is not always easy for a writer to come up with an interesting or enthralling story idea. If you're facing a writer's block too, here is a Penlighten post that can help you create wonderful stories in no time.
Fiction is a literary work based on a writer's vivid imagination. A work of fiction appears in a variety of ways including family drama, science fiction, children's fiction, or fantasy.
Fictional stories constitute main and supporting characters, plot, settings, character backgrounds, and an author's personal style. This style of writing is requires creativity where an author weaves a story using his/her creativity and imagination. Whether you're an amateur or a professional writer, cooking up a story is no easy feat.
It is said that fiction writers need just a small idea or thought to start writing a story. The most important part of becoming a writer is to have a questioning mind.
People who are inquisitive by nature are likely to self-question anything and everything they see, hear, feel, and experience. This is a very crucial aspect of being a good writer because being speculative will help you in obtaining ideas from your surroundings.

Plot Ideas for a Story

A Personal Life

There were people who would think that Matt's life was filled with dullness and monotony. He would sit around the office, doing his work diligently; but without any fervor for life. His colleagues would come to talk to him, try to engage him in different after-work activities, but he would politely decline.
But what they didn't realize was after clocking out at exactly 5:00 P.M., Matt would walk home, close all the blinds, bring out a book and a pen, and write the name of his next victim.

The Magazine Saga

Everyday Sarah reads magazines, and goes to school with a tons of new gossip on celebrities. She is neither one of the popular girls nor part of the geek squad that gets picked on every day.
For her, life was a bliss and there is probably no one who can take the joy of living in Hollywood-land from her. And of course, her dream is to one day become the next Scarlett Johansson.
In about a month, she will graduate high school and move to New York to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress. Although she might have to think a little more before she does so because her twin sister is already living in Los Angeles as a successful teen actress.

Big Dreams

Dreams do come true when you're a lottery winner! But who knew that right after winning the big 1 million dollar lottery, The Pattersons will have to hide from the entire world. There were family members, neighbors, friends, and a wide variety of people knocking on their door, asking them to lend some money.
It would be easy to give them the money and rid themselves of this stupidity. But how could they? Their beloved son had already robbed them long ago and ran away from home.
If you are thinking of writing fiction, you just have to pick up an idea from the things around you and let your imagination to do the rest of the work.