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Sympathy Messages for Cards

Rutuja Jathar Jan 28, 2019
Here is a collection of some good sympathy messages to choose from. These messages are sure to help you, when you are wondering what to write on sympathy cards.
Loss of a loved one is an inevitable thing that each one of us has to go through. No matter how much one hates it, at the end he/she has to face it. As we know, words are the most powerful expressions for all our emotions, we can always try and comfort the sufferer to a great extent.
When it comes to consoling a near one for the loss of his/her dear one, we often get stuck with the dilemma of what exactly should we say that can soothe him/her the most. Many people find it hard to come up with proper sympathy sayings that correctly express their emotions and that go with the situation!
Those who cannot express their feelings to the sufferer, due to some reasons, always have an option of sending sympathy cards. If you have decided to send a sympathy card and are falling short of words, then read the following section to get some insight.

Considerations for Sympathy Messages for Cards

Before going through the following sympathy card examples, you need to understand sympathy card etiquette. Now that you are looking for sympathy card messages, first of all you need to buy a good card that has a soothing effect of its own. Opt for monochromatic cards with symbols of compassion and faith, like a rose, sea, or cross.
You can also come up with your own sympathy verses for death, but while doing so, keep in mind that you need to be as genuine and sober as possible, rather than showering a flowery language with inappropriate expressions. If the sufferer and you share an informal relation, then avoid being too formal because it sounds pretentious.
What to say in a sympathy card largely depends on the good qualities and virtues of the deceased person. Once you keep all these things in mind, then you only need to select proper sympathy messages.

Sympathy Messages for Floral Enclosure Cards

Here are some examples of appropriate words for a sympathy card. These are not the hard and fast messages for sympathy cards, and you can always take inspiration from these examples and come up with your own message.
Please accept these flowers and hear the words we are not able to speak.
May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.

May you take comfort in knowing there is one more angel above us.

Though words, however gentle, cannot take your loss away, still may these flowers sent in sympathy help comfort you today.
May you have memories for comfort, friends for support, and flowers to ease your sadness.

With heartfelt sympathy and understanding thoughts in this time of sadness.

Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
We may not understand why sad things happen, may it somehow help to know how much we care.

We wish to express our sympathy in your loss and to let you know that our thoughts are with you.

Sympathy Messages for Funeral Cards

Here are a few sympathy card quotes that are really heart felt and meaningful. You can use them as messages for the loss of a mother, father, or any dear one.

When the way comes to an end, then change. Having changed, you pass through. ― I-Ching

Say not in grief he is no more but live in thankfulness that he was ― Hebrew proverb
This much we know: we are at least one phase of the immortality of life. The mighty stream of life flows on, and, in this mighty stream, we too flow on...... Physical life may be defeated but life goes on; character survives, goodness lives and love is immortal. ― Col Robert G. Ingersoll
Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well. ― Buddhist saying

This is the comfort of friends: that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense immortal, because they are ever present. ― William Penn
You are in our thoughts and our prayers.
........You will still see me, small and white
And smiling, in the secret night,
And feel my arms about you when
The day comes fluttering back again.
I think, no matter where you be,
You'll hold me in your memory
And keep my image there without me,
By telling later loves about me.
Dylan Thomas
The world is so empty ....but to know someone who thinks and feels with us,.... is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden. ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam... its glory and beauty belong to our world......though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky to have seen it.

Christian Sympathy Messages

You need to be quite careful while sending someone a Christian sympathy card. Make sure that the concerned person finds solace in Christianity, and then only think about collecting some good Christian quotes about compassion and faith. Well, here are a few sample sympathy notes, if you are looking for Christian quotes for sympathy.
Sample # 1
We pray that in this time of loss
You'll feel God's love much more.
And that you'll find your comfort
In the presence of the Lord.
We pray God pours upon you
His sweet amazing grace.
And overflow your heart with peace
As you live in His embrace.

Sample # 2
May God be with you now
As you face this time of grief.
May you know the comfort of the Lord
In your darkest hour of need.
Know that Jesus cares for you
When your soul is deeply pained.
No matter what you may go through
His love for you remains.

Sample # 3
We lift you up unto the Lord
In this time of grief.
We pray the Lord will be to you
The comfort that you need.
And when you have no answers
To all the questions 'why'
Know that God is in control
And is thereby your side.
He understands the way you feel
And knows the loss you face.
So rest in His eternal love
For there you'll find His grace.
Sample # 4
God is ever near to those
Who have a broken heart.
Through the loss of someone dear
That tears your world apart.
It seems so overwhelming
The grief too much to bear.
But know that God is with you
He loves you and He cares.

Sample # 5
Praying that you'll sense God's presence
In this time of grief.
And feel God's love surrounding you
And know His inner peace.
For God cares so much for you
And wipes each tear you cry.
You never need to feel alone
For He'll never leave your side.

Sample # 6
Love is the way to heal the broken heart
And love never sways when tragedy makes its mark.

Love is the key to open closed doors
So pain can find release and hurting is no more.

Love is the answer in the heart of Jesus
He feels what we feel and He will never leave us.
Sample # 7
We all need to call
On God's holy power
When we're in our deepest need
And in our saddest hour.
God is never distant
He sheds a tear with you
He knows the pain your feeling
And what you're going through.
When you place your hope
In His undying love
You will know His peace
Like a mighty rushing flood.
As we said earlier, you need to use these words of condolence really appropriately so that you don't end up sending wrong message on a totally wrong situation! Take care!