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Teaching Narrative Writing Gets Easier With These Techniques

Charlie S Apr 17, 2019
Narrative writing involves describing a particular event that has happened in one's life. Teachers should pay special attention, while imparting narrative writing skills to their students.
When we narrate something to the audience, it means that we tell them a story. This story can also be a personal experience, that we have gone through at sometime in our lives. However, there are certain rules and methods that one should follow. It is generally taught to students in their school days.

Tips and Techniques


The most important factor is to teach the students to memorize a series of events, which took place during their visit to a particular place, and then put it down on paper in a creative manner.
As narrative writing involves describing an event, in order to do so perfectly, one should learn to memorize.

Selecting the Topic

Students should be given complete freedom to write on topics, which they find interesting. For example, a student can write an essay on his recent birthday party celebration.
This is so because, a student can write about the events he finds interesting more easily. This should be followed especially, when the students are attempting it for the first time.

The Content

In this case of birthday celebration, the student should start off the essay with a suitable title relevant to the celebration. It must be catchy, in order to attract the readers' attention. In the introduction, he should describe the venue and the date of the celebration.
The first paragraph will naturally start off with the names of the people who attended the party. The narrative content can be written in an informal way for occasions such as birthdays, which are meant for fun and entertainment.
However, one must remember that, in case of describing a formal or an official meeting, exaggeration should be avoided. Once the guest list is disclosed, then the student should be asked to describe in his own words, the way in which the birthday was celebrated.
Describing the series of events in one's own words is very essential because, it shows that the person was attentive at the occasion, and also that he is able to express his views clearly. The sole purpose of this exercise would prove to be futile, if he is given a ready-made draft on how to write about the event.


The teachers need to check and evaluate the quality of the content. Though, the students should write the essays themselves, the teachers should point out the mistakes, and ask them to correct those mistakes to make the essay perfect.
Teachers should also teach students that, the essay should be like an interaction with the readers, even though we do not communicate with them directly. The use of words and sentences should be such that, it should give the readers a feeling that, someone is standing in front of them and describing the event.
The most important aspect to look after is grammar. There should not be any sort of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Simple grammatical mistakes can ruin the efforts put in writing an essay.