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Technical Writer's Job Description

Deepa Kartha Sep 29, 2018
Technical writing is one of innovative career options that has sprung up in recent times. This piece of writing elaborates on the job description of a technical writer.
Every time you buy an electronic equipment, like a mobile phone, television, tablet, or a new DVD player, you receive a handbook with it. This small book is the user manual, which talks about the various features of the particular product and also contains the required guidelines. This is one of the primary jobs of a technical writer.

Job Profile

  • Technical writing is one of myriad jobs in the field of technology that makes you a part of the immensely huge IT industry; yet, it does not require you to be adept at programming and coding.
  • You can demonstrate your creativity as well as technical expertise through this job. In the current work scenario, there is a huge demand for such writers.

The Corporate Sector

Many IT companies, government offices, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, aircraft companies, etc., recruit professionals to write about their new products, equipment, or services.
These writers have to work with engineers, technicians, and scientists, to understand the product or equipment in detail. After understanding it fairly well, they have to prepare a document based on the information collected.
The job of a writer is to prepare manuals and brochures to keep people informed about the new developments in the company or documents describing the various features of a new product or machine.

Print Media

A professional can find suitable positions in newspapers, which hire people with technical knowledge. Here, he will write articles on medicine, photography, electronics, education, chemistry, etc.
Science and technology are ever-growing fields; therefore, a writer has to constantly keep himself updated about the latest developments. He needs to constantly enhance his knowledge.
Writing about a new equipment in the market with some new technology requires in-depth knowledge. The writer has to use technical jargon, but simple, lucid language. He can also contribute to technical magazines and corporate and industrial publications.
He also has to write pamphlets, press releases, and newsletters. He has to undertake significant research by reading books, talking to experts, and surfing the Internet. It is also important for the writer to document his / her write up. Proper research and documentation are required to add clarity and credibility to the article.


Like any other job, to be an expert writing professional, one has to gain experience. When a freshman starts writing for a company, he will have to begin work as an assistant and work under an expert.
Along with experience comes accomplishment and excellence. After gaining much expertise in the field, one can also opt to become a freelance writer and work for different companies from home.
However, while working in a company can be stressful and hectic for a person, he still has the assurance of a daily job. On the contrary, a freelancer may have to work on various projects at a time and spend many days without work. Therefore, it is advisable to begin freelancing after sufficient experience.


  • You must have the ability to understand technical or scientific material and write it in a simple way so that people with non-technical backgrounds can easily comprehend the same.
  • Two very important things needed to be a technical writer are: in-depth knowledge about science and technology, and a good command over the English language.
  • You need to understand the various technical terminologies.
  • The basic qualification required is a graduate degree in engineering, math, science, etc.
  • However, you may also opt for a technical writing certification after completing a degree in journalism or English. What is important is your ability to understand the ability to understand technical subjects.
Technical writing has become a very sought-after career option. If you are from a technical background and are passionate about writing, this is the best job for you.