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Examples of Technical Writing

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Oct 6, 2018
Technical writing examples are documents or books which are authored by a technical writer. These examples show technical information in simple terms which could be understood by the common man, here are some of those examples...
Technical writing is the conversion of technical data in a simpler form. This conversion is done by experts, known as technical writers.
Technical writing is a vast field and it is important to understand that technical writers don't just work on technical stuff, they are hired in almost every commercial sector where simplifying information is essential.
Some common examples of technical writing are user manuals, online help, software installation guides, rules and regulations, glossary, financial statements and glossary.
If you think about it, you are surrounded by such examples all around. But there are certain examples which are considered extremely important in their respective fields. These documents have succeeded in making life much simpler for the common man; here are some of those names.

Popular Examples

Commodore 64 User Manual

Many accomplished programmers owe their careers to this brilliant piece of technical writing. In middle school, students who are interested or want to know more about computers opt for this magical book.
The pages of this user manual are filled with illustrations and operations that are simple enough to teach a 6th grade kid fundamentals of programming, operating systems, memory addresses, input, output and many more. Also, the Commodore 64 user manual is fun and easy to read.
It teaches the most basic programming language through fun exercises like word games, animated graphics and various other animated works that potential IT geniuses would find hard to resist. This is one of the best examples of technical writing for budding programmers.

Risk Management Software UI

After the recession, people have come to the realization that any business or even a giant corporation can run in trouble anytime. Risk Management Software UI, is designed so that people can understand and handle any financial risk coming their way in a constructive manner.
It is specially designed and written to make the interface user-friendly. The manual is filled with easy functions on how to calculate and avoid financial risks when the market is down.

The MSDN Library

We all know that Microsoft is the number one company when it comes to software applications. They have proved their mark again with the invention of Microsoft Office, which is a must have in every PC. Microsoft has also created a huge collection of manuals which will help programmers to understand their applications in a simpler manner.
The MSDN library has an enormous collection of technical documentation that helps programmers to use Microsoft Development Tools in a better and effective way.

Haynes Auto Repair Manuals

People who really are hardcore automobile freaks, must be knowing all about the Haynes Auto Repair Manual. The Haynes Auto Repair Manual is one of the finest and the best technical writing examples available. They make complicated and dangerous auto repair procedures clear, so that car owners don't have to rush to a garage for every small mechanical issue.
This book is designed and written in a chronological order and gives out details of simple to complex procedures and illustrations showing each part's repair process. It is said that with a new car a new Haynes manual should also be bought.

Instructions for the IRS Tax Forms

As legitimate citizens we all pay tax to the government but do we really know the right way to pay it? There is little paperwork involved when it comes to paying tax which many people find hard to understand or complete.
The task of explaining tax forms to a layman is a job of a genius technical writer. He/She can draw inspiration from the Internal Revenue website and list out points in a much simpler manner. The Instructions for the IRS Tax Form is a great example of technical writing which can prove very helpful to a layman.
Technical writing is very different from all the other forms of writing because it must be clear and to the point. There is no room for data which is not going to be useful. A good technical writing example shouldn't leave any room for error or imagination and it should answer all possible questions that a user can think.