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How to Write a Thank You Letter for Donation

Parashar Joshi Feb 6, 2019
Are you thinking about writing a letter of appreciation to all the people who donated money to your charitable trust? Read on to know how to write a thank you letter for donation.
We often ask people for help and assistance in times of need and forget about thanking them once our need has been fulfilled. There are people who do think about thanking those who have helped them, but do not take the initiative to do so. It is the action that matters, not the intention. People will only see what you have done, not what you wished to do.
Along with making people happy and satisfied, sending a thank you note to someone is common courtesy, especially if that person has helped you in any significant way. If you have received a donation from someone, then write a thank you note to the donor. It is different from regular letter writing. Let us see some tips to write a thank you letter.

Timing of the Thank You Letter

It is important that you thank the other person for his help as soon as you can. There is no point in writing a letter years after he's helped you land a new job. However, that does not mean that you should carry around copies of ready-made thank you letters in your pocket and hand them to everyone. Timing is very important when writing a thank you letter.

Letter Content

Pay attention to the content you write in your thank you letter.
It should neither be a two-lined telegram, nor should it be an essay. Points should be in a concise manner without haste. If you're writing a thank you letter to a donor who has sent in money for a children's orphanage, mention about how his/her generous contribution has gone a long way in improving the lives of all the children.
Include a few lines of how the management plans to utilize the money, what new facilities they wish to provide the children, etc.

Handwritten Letter

Writing a thank you letter with your own hand makes it all the more genuine and heartfelt. However, if you happen to have time constraints, or if there is a long list of people, then typing the thank you letter could be an option. Make sure that you sign the letter personally, and if possible, include a two-lined handwritten note at the end.


Use good quality stationery while writing or printing the thank you letter. Using good quality paper and ink does make a good impression, as compared to a thank you note that has been written on a torn, yellowed sheet of paper that looks as if it were torn out from a ten-year-old diary.

Future Plans

Mention your future plans for the orphanage, and the new services that you intend to provide the children with. At the same time, be sure to include a self-addressed return envelope in addition to the thank you letter, before you seal and post the thank you letter.
This will ensure that your organization continues to remain in the donor's memory and he may at a future point of time send in another donation through the return envelope.
These were some writing essentials that you should keep in mind while writing a thank you letter. Understanding the format of the letter is important. You can find samples to writing a thank you letter for donation. Utilizing them properly will ensure that you have a long term and fruitful relationship with your donors and well wishers.