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Thank You Notes For Gifts

Sujata Iyer Oct 16, 2018
Sending thank you notes for gifts received is not only a matter of good manners, it reflects how much you really appreciate the gifts that you have received. Let us see some examples.
Receiving gifts is like receiving blessings. Don't just take them and forget about them the next day. Whoever gave it to you, obviously put a lot of thought and time into buying the gift that they thought would be perfect for you. Don't insult them by writing a half-hearted thank you note, or worse a pre-written one, or even worse NO note at all!
Just imagine how you would feel, if you spent an evening looking for that perfect china set to gift to your friend on her wedding day and she doesn't even thank you properly for it. It would pinch you right? Why make someone else go through the same? Here are some examples of simple but effective thank you notes for gifts that you receive at any occasion.

... for Birthday Gifts

Informal: Read these simple informal notes that you can send to your friends or family.
Dear ______,

I absolutely LOVED the (name of object) that you gave me for my birthday! It's so YOU! I'll remember you every time I look at it (which will be quite often!)

Thanks a ton,

_______ (your name)
Dear ______,

I can't believe you got me a (name of gift) for my birthday! I always wanted one! Thank you so much! It really made my day.

Thanks again,

________ (your name)
Formal: Here's an example of a simple note for a gift that you received from your boss.

Dear ______,

Thank you very much for the lovely (name of gift) that you sent me on my birthday. It really shows what impeccable taste you have. Thank you once again.


_______ (your name)

... Cash Gifts

It is not uncommon to receive money as a wedding gift. If you're wondering how to thank people for their kind cash gifts, read ahead.
Dear Aunt/Uncle (or whoever gave you the cash gift),

Your generous gift at our wedding is greatly appreciated. We'll invest it in our 'new home fund'. Thanks for bringing us closer to our first big post-marriage goal.

Lots of love,

_________ (your name)
Dear _______,

We truly appreciate the wedding gift that you gave us. We'll use it well. We truly missed you at the wedding. Hope to see you soon. Thank you once again.


______ (your name)
As you can see, they're ridiculously easy to write. You can also send special personalized thank you gifts along with the notes to some people who made you feel that extra bit special! So go ahead and get out those papers and pens and start thanking all the wonderful people who sent you gifts!