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The Art of Writing in the Digital Age

Lisa Smith May 30, 2019
The post deals with the changes in the art of writing which came with the advancements in the digital age. It covers the differences in the ways we used to write in earlier times, and the methods we use in the present time for writing.
The digital age we live in has brought changes to every sphere of our lives. From our domestic convenience to the way we perceive our surroundings, we’ve completely changed the way we think, communicate, work, and interact.

The changes we experience, are creating new trends in our routines and the way we function.
The same changes are happening in the domain of writing. Writing is a form of art originating from the earliest times, and the changes it has undergone are immense.

Still, technology in writing has made quite an impact on this form of art and the way we perceive it.


Before there were computers, there were typewriters. And before there were typewriters, people could only write using their hands and a pencil.

Obviously, the way people used to write earlier, differs from the writing in the digital age due to this difference in the tools, writing skills, and means for writing we have.
Therefore, when we’re talking about handwriting vs. typing essay, the main differences are the following:
  • typing is faster than handwriting
  • typing allows to correct our mistakes easily
  • handwriting leaves more time for proper shaping of a thought
  • handwriting is more artistic and leaves space for a creative chaos
Obviously, these differences have impacted the way we write and have changed the writing process completely.

Earlier, you would write an essay on several different papers until you got what you wanted.

With typing, you just edit the document you’ve saved on your computer until you’re satisfied with the final version.

Student Writing in the Digital Age

Another thing that’s completely changed when it comes to the art of writing is student writing. Students today are allowed to use the technology in writing and have the means to produce quality papers with less trouble than before.

There are several aspects of student writing in digital age, made easy, thanks to technology in writing.


Instead of manually going through every single line of your paper or essay, trying to spot and correct a mistake, today you can simply use an online proofreading tool.
This means all you have to do is find an online proofreading tool, copy your text from your document and paste it to the tool. The tool will mark any mistakes you’ve made and give you a suggestion on how to correct it. It’s that simple!


Just think of the way people used to get information about anything. They’d have to spend hours sitting in libraries and reading books, looking for information and educating themselves on a subject matter.
Today, we have things such as Google Scholar, online libraries, and academic papers available to us in just a couple of clicks. This means fewer hours doing research and more hours doing the actual writing.

Finding Help

We all get stuck on a writing assignment sometimes and simply can’t seem to get inspired and start writing. If this would happen to you earlier, you’d have no other choice but to man up and write whatever you could, under the given circumstances.
Today, you can find other people’s paper on a similar topic and read it for inspiration. You can get in touch with a colleague using social media and get some instant help. You can even turn custom college essay writing and get some help there.
It’s obvious that student writing has completely changed its face in the last couple of decades and is much more different from what it used to be earlier.

Thought Shaping

Text messaging, social media, messaging apps, likes, and comments are what we’re surrounded by every day. We face these little pieces of thoughts and communicate big messages using very few words. That’s why it’s only natural we tend to form shorter sentences, ideas, and thoughts.
The way we’ve shifted our brain into expressing our thoughts using abbreviations, short sentences and as few words as possible may have influenced the way we write in general.

Final Thoughts

The art of writing has changed irreversibly, thanks to the improvements in technology brought by the digital age. We have changed and so have our writing methods.

However, changes aren’t a bad thing. We just need to learn to make the best of what’s available for us and work on self-improvement every day.