Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

Great Examples of Thesis Statements for Research Papers

With the thesis statement examples for research papers explained in this article, you shall come to know how to write one for different categories of research topics.
The attention of a reader is garnered into the details of a thesis paper, if its statement is well explained, which is like a prologue of a write-up, where the subject matter is explained precisely. While writing it, you have to focus on the important areas of your topic and the methodologies used for research. If it is well-written, it creates a strong impression in the mind of the reader, regarding your intellect, sincerity, and presentation skills. It needs to be good and precise, whether you are researching on literature or science. This article provides you with some thesis statement examples for research papers.
Vital Information
Thesis statements are always written succinctly in the beginning. The introduction as well as the conclusion is imposed together, thereby creating a compact paragraph conveying only the significant information. Deciding the type of the statement is dependent upon the nature of the topic. In this regard, we can have three types.
  • In an argumentative thesis, the writer highlights his views regarding a particular topic, as well as the effective arguments associated with. Argumentative ones are included mainly in argumentative essays.
  • In the analytical ones, ideas and insights are elaborated in detail. The analysis is explained in a very subtle manner. They are used in persuasive essays.
  • Expository ones are explanatory, rather being analytical. They explain the subject matter in short and in a very simple manner.
List of Examples
Example 1
One of the most common example is writing a scientific dissertation paper. Suppose your topic is DNA Extraction, then it's actually an analytical type of thesis. For this, you have to mention the process very briefly, the specimen used for extracting DNA, the observations, and finally, the conclusion.
In my research work, I have explained the DNA extraction procedure by analyzing Sample A and Sample B. The protocol followed is the XYZ technique. Although the DNA from both samples have been extracted effectively, but the result in terms of quantitative analysis differs. After comparing the results obtained by the specific scientific techniques, I have observed that Sample A contains more amount of DNA than Sample B due to [this] reason [a logical conclusion].
Example 2
You can frame well-defined statements while dealing with argumentative topics. You can interrogate and put forth your views there itself. They should have a strong reason to pull on the subject and your arguments. Your opinions should be straight and not ambiguous. You can choose a hotly debated topic and compose a strong statement for/against it. For example, for the topic of Global Warming is a Myth or a Fact, we can have:
I strongly hold my opinion for the fact that global warming is a serious environmental concern. People who are still considering it as a myth should take a look at its dangerous impact. If it was a myth, then why the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased? Why the average temperature of the Earth has elevated by 1.4°F? Why have the glaciers started melting from the North Pole? From these evidences, and many more, the entire world has accepted that global warming is actually taking place and government is taking strong action to control it and save our lovely planet Earth.
Example 3
If your report is based on a short story or a poem, then you can explain the meaning and the central characters. Literary works revolves around character analysis, critical appreciation, or general views regarding the storyline. The statements are framed keeping into account the topic and the purpose behind exposing it to readers. If you consider your topic as Character Analysis of Della, you will have:
Della is the protagonist of William Sydney Porter's, most renowned short story, 'The Gift of the Magi'. Through my research work, Della has been portrayed as Jim's beloved wife, who loves her husband beyond all boundaries. I have exemplified her characteristic attributes from the lines spoken by her in the text. She is compassionate, caring, and full of emotions for her husband. She cannot bear the fact that, 'the day before Christmas, she (Della) has only USD 1.87 in savings with which to buy a gift for her husband, James Dillingham Young. Flopping down on the couch of their apartment, she cries - howls, actually. This line is a strong evidence of her unfathomable love for her husband Jim.
I hope you have understood how to write a thesis statement and the purpose behind writing it. The concluding sentence must have an authoritative tone so that the entire research work is justified. Be concise and pick up selected words and lines for framing the statements.
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