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Tips for Writing a Story

To make your story interesting, there are a number of things you should keep in mind.
● Try to make your story fictional because it attracts more readers.

● If you can imagine scary scenes and make it interesting, go ahead with that idea. Brave teens love to read such stories which can also be further made into a terrifying movie.
● If you are good at making moral stories, keep your content light and do not use hard words. Youngsters are the ones who gets motivated by their parents to read such stories.

● Add multiple chapters and try to make your story mysterious, with suspense.
● Highlight some words which people would use in their day-to day language.

● Write good dialogues!
● Know the rules, break it.

● Be creative, write about something which people could never think of.

● Change a specific idea or a concept.
● If you want to create a sequel, add suspense in the last part of the story.

● Add a logo/sign which differentiates your story from others.