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How to Write Thank You Notes

Rajib Singha Feb 8, 2019
Writing thank you notes is an essential aspect of etiquette and thoughtfulness towards people. Such notes should be simple and reflect the sincerity of the writer.
Writing thank you notes is about letting people know that you appreciate their kind favors and everything they have done for you. These notes if filled with heartfelt appreciation, sincerity, and meaning, always work wonders.
You can write these notes on a rough piece of paper, and copy it on a fresh sheet. Always use a smooth pen, and go for cursive handwriting. Calligraphy gives a more refined look to a note. Traditionally, thank you notes are headed by the date and a salutation. For example, 'Dear Aunt May'.
Before thanking someone, do not forget to put down the appropriateness of the act that you are thankful for. This helps in giving more depth to your note.

Sample Notes

For Wedding

Dear Aunt Melisa and Uncle Tom,

Your presence added joy to our wedding last week, and your beautiful gift has really touched us. The lamp shade is the perfect match for our bedroom. We are truly delighted to receive this thoughtful and wonderful gift of yours. Thank you so much!

Dear Rose and Bob,

You filled our day with happiness when we became one in the presence of the Almighty. We extend our gratitude for gracing such a special day of our lives. Thank you again for sharing in our joy.

Much love,

For Teachers

Dear Mrs. Suzie,

School is known as a child's second home and that is true for Danny as well. Thank you so much for teaching our child such wonderful things. We are always full of appreciation and gratitude for the noble job you are doing.
With teachers like you, teaching becomes easy, and the value of education flies higher!

Best Wishes!

After An Interview

Dear Mrs. Lovewell,

Your positive temperament and focus towards your job reflects the fact as to why your company is among the top players in the industry. I was delighted to know about the future plans of your company and I would definitely like to become a part of it. I will try my best to contribute to the growth of the company.


For Work Appreciation

Dear Boss,

We take this opportunity of letting you know on Boss' Day, that your leadership is highly admired and your qualities are truly respected. Your reassuring presence in all our difficult issues has been helpful towards finding solutions. 
We want to let you know how much your team values you and your sincerity.

Thank you from all of us!