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Affidavit Template

Affidavit Template

What is an affidavit template? The general guidelines and samples are provided here that will assist you in making an affidavit.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Before preparing an affidavit, one should first know what it is and the purpose of signing an affidavit. An affidavit is a verified statement, signed and declared by the concerned person. The person signing the paper is known as deponent or affiant, and the document is accepted after he takes an oath in presence of a law officer, commissioner, Justice of Peace or a notary officer. The legal document is valid, provided that the factual records of the situation as well as other information contained in it are authentic and true. This is because, an opponent can always challenge the fact and file a suit against it. In this regard, documents are attached to affidavits as a proof or evidence. The affidavit template presented in this article shall let you know the format of an affidavit.
The pattern of affidavits vary according to the purpose. For example, an affidavit of support is based on income, employment and immigration related issues. The legal process is quite long as the form (I-864) needs to be downloaded from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. After filling the form, you can follow the legal process accordingly. There are separate guidelines for international students. You shall come across a variety of formats and templates from legal books and the Internet. They clearly display the pattern for different types of affidavits.
Affidavits are written to verify incomes and inheritance of rights. They are prepared to give protection to the deponent in cases of forgery, infringement, encroachment of property, and various other kinds of personal and professional issues. You can obtain affidavit heirship forms either from law officers or download online. Some examples include bid/proposal affidavit form, trade secret confidentiality form, contract affidavit form, financial affidavit form, etc. Check out the affidavit templates for sorting legal issues.
Affidavit Samples
Affidavit for Education Loan

State of:
County of:

I hereby state that, I'm Rose Woodward, mother of Emily Woodward, has taken the responsibility of sponsoring the educational loan of my daughter who is pursuing MBA from California State University, U.S.A. The attached documents support my statement and also contain my residential proof.

Deponent's Name:
Date: 7th October 2010

Public Notary's Name:
Date of Expiry: 10th October 2020
Affidavit for Business Undertaking

Title Code:
Title Number:

State of:
County of:

I declare that I'm the Managing Director of Company X and I have profound knowledge in the matters hereinafter set forth.

1. E.g. Company's dissolution in accordance with section (details)
2. E.g. Company's assets (yes/no)
3. E.g. Company's liabilities (yes/no)

Sworn Before Me: (The Statement)
Date: 7th October 2010

Name of Commissioner:
Name of Director:
Affidavit for Forgery

State of:
County of:

I, David Smith, being duly sworn and say as follows:

1. The check attached to the affidavit has been examined by me. The details of the check are mentioned below:

● Drawn on:
● Dated:
● Account No:
● Sum of:

2. My claim: The signature of the drawer in the aforementioned check, was neither made by me nor with my consent. I was not benefited in any way by this act of forgery.

Deponent's Name: David Smith

Address: Details
Sworn to Me: 6th October 2010

Notary's Signature:
State of:
Expiry Date: 10th October 2010
You can obtain a free affidavit template from the Internet if you do not wish to hire a lawyer to get it done for you. It's a judicious decision to get an affidavit done to protect your property or keep an evidence with yourself about your financial grants.