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Appointment Reminder Letter

Appointment Reminder Letter

If you need to write a letter to remind someone of the appointment that they have with you, then you will need to draft a reminder letter for an appointment. In this article, we will tell you how to draft such a letter.
Tulika Nair
On many occasions you may have to write a letter to remind someone about a late payment or about the appointment that they have with you. While writing any form of reminder letter, some basic things remain the same. This includes keeping the language of the letter brief and precise, ensuring that you include all the necessary details, and checking the letter for any factual, grammatical and spelling errors. Such a letter needs to be written when you need to remind someone of the appointment that you have scheduled with them. Writing such a letter can be a major time saver and will help you save money so that there are no appointments where the clients or the patients just do not show up. Mostly these letters are written by medical professionals who want to remind their patients of their appointment. In this article, we will tell you how such a letter needs to be drafted.

Writing a Reminder Letter for an Appointment

Forgetting appointments is quite a common affliction and more often than not, it can be a cause of major annoyance for the person with whom the appointment has been scheduled. A letter to remind your clients of when the next appointment is can be a great way of avoiding last minute cancellations. While writing a reminder letter, there are a couple of things that need to be always kept in mind. The tips for writing such a letter are given below.
  • Always ensure that you use official stationery while writing such a letter. Also try and ensure that the letter is typewritten and not handwritten.
  • Always start the letter by giving the client or patient the reason for writing the letter and giving them the date and time of the appointment.
  • Include all your contact details in the letter even if you know that the client is already in possession of this information. Add your address, phone number and email id for any communication.
  • If your organization has any policies on the cancellation of appointments, then remind your client of the same by making a mention in the letter. Also, add a sentence about why the appointment is important.
  • Always send out the letter at least a week in advance before the scheduled appointment. This will ensure that the client has received the letter for sure and keep a copy of the same in any file you maintain for the client.
The sample of an appointment letter given below should help you understand how these tips should be followed and also give you the proper format for such a letter.

Letter for Appointment Reminder
Jackie Flannigan
22, Darthmouth Road
New Jersey, NY - 54864
Phone No: 845-452-3141
Email id:

2nd June 2011

Shelly Laker
5245, Diagon Alley
New Jersey, NY - 54864

Sub: Reminder of appointment at Holy Child Clinic.

Dear Ms. Laker,

This letter serves to remind you that you have an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Worth next week on the 10th of June 2011, for your blood tests and x-rays. This appointment cannot be missed and is important to check for any early signs of illness.

Please do ensure that you reach the clinic before 6 PM as the doctor would be unavailable after 6:30 PM and it may cause you to miss the appointment. If you need to reschedule the appointment, then you can contact me on the details given earlier in the letter.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Jackie Flannigan

This is the simplest format for a letter to remind clients of an appointment that they have at your office. Always remember to proofread the letter after having drafted it and remember to include the correct appointment details to avoid any overlap or confusion. Hopefully, with this letter sample you should not have a problem drafting a letter for your use.