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Certificate of Achievement Template

Certificate of Achievement Template

A certificate of achievement plays a motivational role in any commercial or educational institution. This article provides you with some well-drafted templates, to help you create achievement certificates.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Appreciating someone for his or her good work is one of the best things you could do. Be it in an organization, in academics or in sports, appreciation can boost confidence and enhance a person's performance level. But verbal appreciations are certainly not enough. The achievers need a memorabilia or a souvenir recording his feat or success, to reminisce in the future. This is reason why certificates of achievement hold a huge value. Brush through the article to find some certificate templates.

Template - 1

This template is ideal for issuing general appreciation for a person's work. It remains silent about date or place where the event took place. It could be awarded as a token of appreciation for:
  • Participation in a specific event
  • Winning a consolation prize
  • Achieving monthly/annual work targets
  • Making minor contribution to a certain activity

__(logo and name of institution)___

Certificate of Achievement

The award is presented to

__(name of person)___

for outstanding achievement in

___(specify achievement)____.

Date and Signature

Seal of awarding institution

Template - 2

This template is clearly meant for noting special achievements by a person during a specific time frame. It may be awarded for:
  • Making extraordinary performance in workplace
  • Making special contribution to an event held by an organization

__(logo and name of institution)___

Certificate of Achievement

In honor of the outstanding achievement in the field of

__(specify achievement)___,

we are proud to present this certificate of achievement to

___(name of person)____

on this day of

___(specify date)____.


Seal of awarding institution

Template - 3

This certificate specifies the day, date and the location where a certain event took place. It is generally awarded for:
  • Winning at sports/cultural events
  • Securing best grades in certain examinations

__(logo and name of institution)___

Certificate of Achievement

This is to certify that,

__(name of person)___

has successfully completed

___(specify achievement/task)____

held on

___(specify day and date)____


___(location of event)____.

He/she has secured

___(specify grade/ranking)____.

Date and Signature

Seal of awarding institution

These were some popular templates of certificates of appreciation. You may use them just as they are, or make slight variations to suit the nature of achievement. You can make the draft sound formal or informal depending upon the nature of achievement and age of the recipient.