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Change of Address Letter

Change of Address Letter

One of the toughest tasks of shifting to a new house or place is informing different people, institutions and authorities about your change of address. The letter format for the same has been provided for you, in this article.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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A change of address letter can be written in two circumstances: (1) when you change your home permanently; and (2) when you shift to a new home temporarily, just for a few years. This usually happens when you relocate due to higher education, or due to a job. For women, it happens when they get married. Some people find it easier to set a new house than write this letter! But if they have a sample letter it can be a cakewalk. However, before starting to write the letter, a few things need to be kept in mind, which is explained in the following section.
Writing a Change of Address Letter
This letter is required by everyone by some or the other day, whether it is an individual or an organization. There is a certain procedure to change your address officially.
Submit your new address to the post office
The first thing to do is submit an address change to the post office, so that even if you forget to inform a person and he sends you a letter or parcel through the U.S. post office, it will be directed to your present address. However, remember that this service is only for a limited time and you need to notify your personal contacts.
Notify your folks before relocating
Secondly, write a general letter for everyone so that you can simply take printouts, rather than writing separate letters for everyone. Besides your personal contacts, the people who need to be notified of your new address are your doctor, clients, bank and also when it concerns credit cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. To save time and avoid delay in receiving important letters and documents, inform everyone about your changed address before relocating. This will ensure quick delivery of mail as soon as you relocate.
Sample Letters
Letter to a Client
John Nash
Ayolla Limited
234, Lincoln Street
Mayhem Park
California - 5543678

July 19, 2012

Neil Patrick
Production Head
Sistron System
21 Cherry Lane
California - 5543671

Subject: Change of Address

Dear Mr. Neil Patrick,

I take this opportunity to inform you that our company - Ayolla Limited - has moved from 234, Lincoln Street in Mayhem Park to a new location to serve you better. Our new address is:

Ayolla Limited
213, Trayen Street
Season's Lane
California - 5543679

Please be kind, so as to forward all correspondence to this address. It will be a pleasure to serve you from our new premises.



John Nash
Marketing Head
Ayolla Limited
Letter to a Bank
John Doe
224, St. Peter's Street
Olivia Park
California - 554466

July 18, 2012

U.S. Bank Corporate Ltd.,
17400 Beachside Road
Bedford, OH 44146

Subject: Change of Address Request

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to bring to your notice that I have recently shifted my residence and would like to inform your bank regarding the same. The new address is as given in this letter.

All communication may kindly be done at the new address only. I would be grateful if your bank implements the changes soon, so that no important document gets misplaced. My bank account number is: 00235544654.

Thanking You,



John Doe
Informing the bank and clients, on time, is very important, because you may receive vital communication from them. And as far as writing this letter is concerned, it is not at all difficult and takes hardly a couple of minutes.