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A Comprehensive List of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

A Comprehensive List of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
An adjective, when used for comparison, is used in two forms: comparative and superlative. Penlighten compiles a comprehensive list of commonly used adjectives along with their degrees of comparison.
Prajakta Patil
Last Updated: May 12, 2018
Make sure that you avoid illogical comparisons while using the comparative and superlative degrees. For example, the words 'deader' and 'deadest', although listed as real words in some dictionaries, are illogical. One cannot be deader than someone, or deadest of all. A few more examples of such comparisons are alone, always, correct, everlasting, fatal, first, final, impossible, infinite, instantaneous, last, mortal, never, only, pregnant, single, supreme, universal, and wrong.
An adjective is a figure of speech that is used to describe the noun or pronoun in a sentence. It is used to modify the noun or pronoun. For example, "Mary is an intelligent girl." In this sentence, the word 'intelligent' tells us more about the noun 'Mary', and is therefore, the adjective.

When adjectives are used for comparisons, they are used in different forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. These different forms of comparison are called degrees of comparison. They are dependent on the number of items that are to be compared. A comparative form is used to compare two or more items, whereas a superlative form is used to compare three or more items.
able abler ablest
angry angrier angriest
ancient more ancient most ancient
anxious more anxious most anxious
attractive more attractive most attractive
bad worse worst
beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
big bigger biggest
black blacker blackest
bold bolder boldest
brave braver bravest
bright brighter brightest
brilliant more brilliant most brilliant
broad broader broadest
busy busier busiest
calm calmer calmest
careful more careful most careful
careless more careless most careless
cheap cheaper cheapest
cheerful more cheerful most cheerful
clean cleaner cleanest
clear clearer clearest
clever cleverer cleverest
close closer closest
cold colder coldest
comfortable more comfortable most comfortable
complicated more complicated most complicated
cool cooler coolest
curly curlier curliest
dangerous more dangerous most dangerous
dark darker darkest
dear dearer dearest
deep deeper deepest
delicious more delicious most delicious
delightful more delightful most delightful
difficult more difficult most difficult
dirty dirtier dirtiest
dry drier driest
dull duller dullest
early earlier earliest
easy easier easiest
embarrassed more embarrassed most embarrassed
enjoyable more enjoyable most enjoyable
evil eviler evilest
exciting more exciting most exciting
expensive more expensive most expensive
famous more famous most famous
fair fairer fairest
far farther farthest
far further furthest
fast faster fastest
fat fatter fattest
fine finer finest
flat flatter flattest
foolish more foolish most foolish
fore former foremost
fore former first
forgetful more forgetful most forgetful
fresh fresher freshest
friendly friendlier friendliest
frightening more frightening most frightening
funny funnier funniest
generous more generous most generous
good better best
great greater greatest
green greener greenest
handsome more handsome most handsome
happy happier happiest
hard harder hardest
healthy healthier healthiest
heavy heavier heaviest
helpful more helpful most helpful
high higher highest
hot hotter hottest
hungry hungrier hungriest
immense more immense most immense
important more important most important
in inner inmost
in inner innermost
intelligent more intelligent most intelligent
interesting more interesting most interesting
kind kinder kindest
large larger largest
late later latest
late latter last
lazy lazier laziest
late later latest
lazy lazier laziest
light lighter lighest
little less least
long longer longest
loud louder loudest
low lower lowest
lucky luckier luckiest
mad madder maddest
many more most
merry merrier merriest
much more most
narrow narrower narrowest
naughty naughtier naughtiest
near nearer nearest
new newer newest
nigh nigher nighest
nigh nigher next
noisy noisier noisiest
old elder eldest
old older oldest
out outer outermost
out outer utmost
pale paler palest
pleasant more pleasant most pleasant
poor poorer poorest
powerful more powerful most powerful
pretty prettier prettiest
prosperous more prosperous most prosperous
proud prouder proudest
quick quicker quickest
red redder reddest
rich richer richest
sad sadder saddest
safe safer safest
sensible more sensible most sensible
shallow shallower shallowest
sharp sharper sharpest
short shorter shortest
simple simpler simplest
slim slimmer slimmest
slow slower slowest
small smaller smallest
smooth smoother smoothest
soon sooner soonest
strange stranger strangest
strong stronger strongest
sweet sweeter sweetest
tall taller tallest
terrible more terrible most terrible
thick thicker thickest
thin thinner thinnest
thirsty thirstier thirstiest
thoughtful more thoughtful most thoughtful
tiny tinier tiniest
ugly uglier ugliest
unusual more unusual most unusual
up upper uppermost
useful more useful most useful
valuable more valuable most valuable
warm warmer warmest
wealthy wealthier wealthiest
well better best
wet wetter wettest
white whiter whitest
wide wider widest
wild wilder wildest
wise wiser wisest
wonderful more wonderful most wonderful
young younger youngest
zealous more zealous most zealous
It can be difficult to learn how to form the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. There are various rules that have to be followed to do so. You can refer to degrees of comparison in order to learn more.