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Condolence Message

Condolence Message

Sending a condolence message is essential when you hear of the demise of a known person. Especially when you could not make it to the funeral. Learn how to write one in this article.
Sujata Iyer
It is said that there are only two things that can unite an estranged family. One is a wedding, and the other is death. It is sad but true, that more people are likely to feel guilty about not attending a funeral, than not attending a wedding. Not everyone wants to be a part of someone's happiness, but when it comes to death, human nature knows that staying away at such a difficult time, will only increase the burden of the people suffering the loss, and of the person himself. There will be an unmistakable feeling of guilt with every passing day, and it will continue to nag you until you pay your respects to the departed. And a simple, yet effectual way of doing this is by sending words of condolence through a card. Condolences for death are probably the only messages that are sent and received with no bias whatsoever. The person sending it obviously cares, and the person receiving it is just eternally grateful for the kind gesture. Read ahead to know the basics of writing a decent condolence message for someone you know.

How to Write a Condolence Message

Death and dying are matters that must be addressed with a lot of care. If you want to learn how to write a sympathy card, just follow the simple steps given below.
  • Be honest while writing the note.
  • Put a lot of thought into writing the note.
  • Write only what you feel. Fake emotions can be easily detected.
  • As far as possible, write the card out by hand. It gives a more personal touch to it.
  • You can also use different quotes or sayings that revolve around sympathy.
  • Send the message as soon as you receive the news of the demise. Don't postpone the sending. It may come across as hesitant on your part.

After those simple guidelines, here are a couple of examples that you can refer to, while drafting one.

Sympathy Message Example 1

Dear Emily,

Your mother was a woman of strength and compassion. She brought happiness wherever she went. Her laugh was infectious and her eyes, simply mesmerizing.

The world has lost a very special person, and will never be able to fill the void that has been left behind. Just know this, I am always with you.

Be strong, and do her spirit the honor of carrying on her legacy of undiminished joy and passion.

Aunt Judy.

Sympathy Message Example 2

"I see you cry, I cry for you. I see you hurt it hurts me too. Everyday as you grow worse, I die inside, as you get hurt." - Christina Brown

Dear Jane,

I know that no words can come even remotely close to healing the pain that you feel. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time.

Remember that you are not alone in this grievous journey. You have the support and strength of your family to get you through this. Your little children need you now, more than ever. Be there for them, and be there for yourself. The only way to get past this, is to face it. And repetitive though it may seem, time is indeed the best healer.

So give yourself some time, and then begin afresh. The world is still beautiful, and is still waiting for you.

John and Amy

Sympathy Message Example 3

Dear Anne,

The world may seem a bitter place, and life may seem a torturous journey for you right now. Anyone who knew you and Tim as a couple will agree that the life from your life has been snuffed out. But they will also believe that you will not fail the love that blossoms within you. The strength with which you must get through this ordeal will come to you when you are ready for it. Be valiant in grief and life will seem a little easier than it is. You have the whole world to look after you, so never ever think of yourself as alone on this journey.

Heartfelt condolences,

These tips and samples of condolence messages ought to have helped you figure out how you want to write one. Keep it simple, and write from your heart. That's really the only way to do it!