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Congratulations Letter Template

Congratulations Letter Template

Writing a congratulations letter to your friend or colleague, but find yourself at a loss of words? This Penlighten post has some useful tips and templates to help you draft a memorable letter.
Ratnashri Dutta
Handwritten notes and letters are considered a lost art from in this electronic age. However, this does not take away their charm by any means. But in case you're not a fan of handwritten versions, you can always type one―regardless of the method you use, a congratulatory letter is bound to make the receiver happy.

Steps to Consider

Early Bird
A person wins an award in March and you send him a letter in May―this is highly inconsiderate. The letter means nothing sent weeks after the main event. You should sent it as soon as possible, as timing is everything.

Simple and Easy Language
Whether the letter is meant for the director of the company or for any employee, the language of the letter should be easy and simple. The receiver should follow what you have written.

State the Reason
Mention the reason why you're congratulating the receiver right at the beginning of the letter. Follow this up by mentioning what motivated you to write the letter.

Friendly and Honest
The language and content of the letter should be honest and friendly, and not selfish. Even if you have to write one to your competitor, your feelings of jealousy (which is obvious), should not be expressed in the letter. Mean what you say. Put yourself in the receiver's shoes and try to imagine what you would love to hear from others on the same occasion.

Praises and Approval
Praise the recipient for his/her achievement, but do not go overboard. Write about the significance of the achievement and how proud you are for his/her success.

Sample #1


Address of the Recipient

Salutation (You can use Dear) Name of Recipient

In the first paragraph, congratulate the person and mention for what you are congratulating them. Do not forget to mention on whose behalf are you congratulating them. Keep the tone friendly.

In the second paragraph, praise the person for their achievement. Give them some encouraging words or two.

Best Wishes,

Your Signature

Your Name
Your Designation (if it's an official letter)
Company Name (if an official letter)

Sample #2

May 12, 2010

Peter Knowles
234 Ashton Avenue,
Washington DC 1234

Dear Peter,

Congratulations for your major achievement! We, here at Brandon Company just heard about you getting the 'Best Employee Award 2010'. On the behalf of the entire staff, I would like to congratulate you for your achievement.

We were not surprised to hear about your achievement, and even though we are competitors, we are extremely pleased with your success.

Congratulations once again and do keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,
Ralph Greene
Managing Director,

Brandon Company