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Corporate Sponsorship Letter

Corporate Sponsorship Letter

Do you wish to collect funds for organizing some event? Writing a letter to attract potential corporate sponsors can go a long way in your quest. Here's some help...
Kundan Pandey
In the age of fast business communication, the importance of business writing has become more important. But the actual skills of letter writing are put to test when one needs to write a sponsorship letter.

Remember that while writing a corporate sponsorship letter, you must address the company in a professional tone. Just asking for their help is not enough. You should mention in detail about your purpose and requirements. Ensure that you give complete information about the event or the sponsorship program you are planning. Since you are asking many corporate companies for donations, ensure that you are requesting for a reasonable amount of money from each of them. Just because the firms you are approaching are big companies, that does not in any way mean that you ask for obscene amounts of money.

Take a look at the format that needs to be followed, and a sample letter. This should help you draft a letter according to your specific needs.

Your Name
Your Address
Contact Details

To Whomsoever it May Concern/Authority/Manager
Address of the Corporate Firm
Contact Details

Dear Mr./Mrs.: (Authority/Manager of the other group)

Paragraph 1: Give a short introduction of your event, non-profit attempt and how much money or any other things you want. Be specific.

Paragraph 2: Dig deeper into the details of your program or the event for which you're attracting corporate sponsorship.

Paragraph 3: Quote a story or an example so that you can prove the efficacy of offering the firm a sponsorship and how your sponsorship helps people and to the firm.

Paragraph 4: Talk about how many levels of sponsorship are there. That means the amount of money a firm or an individual can donate.

Paragraph 5: Now, mention again how much you exactly wish the respective corporate firm to sponsor depending on its market position and brand. Don't ask something unrealistic. Ask what appears manageable for them. You have given them options in the form of donation levels. If they want, they would choose a smaller donation option.

Paragraph 6: Thank the authority for his or her time. Mention your contact details again properly and ask them to contact in case they're interested in sponsoring the event.

James Mark
Administrative Officer,
City Branch,
Red Street,
St. Alena's, Washington 46747

April 8, 2014

Dear Mr. Peter Francis,

It is indeed my pleasure to offer your reputed organization 'XaZis Pvt. Ltd', an opportunity to sponsor "Corporate Mega Mania", an event full of quizzes, dance, theater, music and arts exhibition for this year. In the event, we seek your great help of USD 1,000 to arrange for specific location and audio as well as video equipment.

As you might be aware of, there are numerous corporate companies that are already a member of this program and every organization has contributed their bit in making this program a grand success. Corporate Mega Mania is a yearly fest that showcases talents of the corporate professionals and gives them an opportunity to get some time off the busy work schedule. It also helps in the process of team building.

Last year, the money that was raised through this program was more than our expectations and we were happy to distribute it to, 'No More Homeless' charitable trust. Even your chairman visited the donation program and it was covered in all major newspapers of the region and even in few national dailies.

As organizers, we have divided donations in three levels. The first level of donations can be done between USD 100 to 500 and the second level between USD 500 to 750. The last donation level is highest and it's between USD 750 to 1,000. Since we're aware of your help and involvement in our program since the last two years, we are hopeful that you will also help us this year.

While you're contributing your bit for sponsoring this program, you will also be given an opportunity to put your company's stall, put your firm's banner and logo on various places provided for advertisement of this program.

All the necessary information regarding various donations, in detail, has been mentioned in a document enclosed with this letter.

I thank you for considering your time to go through this letter. In case of any information regarding this program or for accepting sponsorship proposal, feel free to contact us at 4844-7758-8789 during working hours (9am to 7pm) at any day of the week. We hope for some valuable help from you.

Yours Truly,
James Mark

Keep the letter simple, to the point, professional, and effective, so that you can increase your chances of getting sponsors. All the best!