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Donation Receipt Template

Donation Receipt Template

If you are looking for a simple yet effective receipt template for donation of goods or cash, then this article will cater to your requirement. Here are some easy samples of donation receipts for your reference.
Kanika Khara
A donation is normally done without expecting anything in return. However, it is mandatory to complete certain written formalities. One such basic but important written formality is the donation receipt.
It is the duty of the donee to provide the donor with a receipt or letter as an acknowledgment or proof of the donation. Here are four different templates which will help you in designing a donation receipt.
The following template contains the basic details related to donation like the name of the organization, name of the donor, address, contact details, type of donation, value, etc. This receipt is quite easy to design as it is informal.
Unofficial Donation Receipt Template
Donation Receipt from (name of the organization)
Any Queries? Contact the (name of the organization) at (phone number)

Donated by: _______________
Address: _______________
City: _______________
State/Province: _______________
ZIP Code: _______________

Type of Donation: _______________
Description: _______________
Value: _______________

Thank you for your generosity. We value your support!
Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purpose
Contributing to certain causes and charitable trusts allows the donor to get tax deductions. Hence, it is your duty to give him a proper receipt or acknowledgment for his charity. The following format will be beneficial for the donor in dealing with matters related to income tax.

Name of the Organization: _______________
Charity Address: _______________
Charity BN/Registration # _______________

Donated by: _______________
(First name, initial, last name)

Donation received on: _______________
Address: _______________

Eligible amount of gift for tax purpose: _______________

Date (receipt issued): _______________
Location (receipt issued): _______________
Authorized signature: _______________

(Name of the charity organization) thanks you for your kind support.
Goods Donation Receipt Template
Unlike cash, the donation of goods requires a systematic mention of the list of donated items. Hence, making a small table for items, their quantity and value in retail will be beneficial for the donor's as well as your records.

Donated by: _______________
Address: _______________
City: _______________
State/Province: _______________
ZIP Code: _______________

Details of donation are as follows:

Items Quantity Value

Date of Pick-up: _____________________________
Location: ________________________________
Received by: ____________________________

Thank you! Your support is valuable to us.
Donation Receipt Letter Template
The best way to give a receipt for donation is by sending a thank you letter for the contribution of the donor. Always remember to mention the exact amount or name of items donated in the letter. At the end of the letter, you can also appeal the donor to contribute towards your future endeavors.

(Name of the charitable organization)
(Contact number)
(Email address)

Date: (of that particular day)

(Name of the recipient)

Reference Number: (according to the records)

Dear (name of the recipient),

(Name of the charitable organization) would like to thank you for being our donor and contributing the amount of (cash contribution) or (goods donated) towards the noble cause of (name of the cause) on (date).

We hereby acknowledge that no goods or services were exchanged against this donation. With your donation, we were able to provide (amenities, goods or services) to the (parties benefiting from the donation).

Please retain this record to avail tax deduction benefits on your contribution as permitted by the law. We sincerely hope you will continue to support our initiatives in the near future.

Thank you once again.

With kind regards,

(Name of authorized person)
On behalf of (name of the organization)
Always remember, no matter which template you choose, thank your donor for supporting your cause and your organization.