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Donation Request Letter

Donation Request Letter

If you've been looking for sample donation request letters, especially a solicitation donation letter, look no further, for your search ends here.
Marian K
The best thing about donation request letters is that not only can they be used to reach a large number of potential donors by sparing very little effort and minimum monetary investment, they have a very personal human touch to them that works in favor of the donation seeker. However, the likelihood of a donation request letter achieving its objective is not only dependent on the worthiness of your cause, but also the manner in which the letter has been written. A good donation-seeking letter will be clear, concise, and informative.
Some points that must be included are:

Who is seeking the donation
In what form is the donation being sought - monetary or in kind
The purpose behind seeking the donation
Who the donation will benefit
How the donation will stand to gain the donor (optional and if applicable)
A word of gratitude in advance for a possible donation coming the seeker's way
Name and phone number of the person to be contacted in case of queries/potential forwarding of the help sought
Signatures of either the president/chairman or the person heading the group
Work on a prose styling that will draw the reader in. Definitely close the letter by thanking the recipient for considering donating to your cause. This will send a message of humility across without seeming too pushy and yet convey the importance of supporting your cause.

To get you started, given below are some donation letter ideas.
Donation Request Letter Template
Date (Format: November 11, 2009)

Address of the Recipient

Dear Mr. (Surname of recipient),

I am writing to you on behalf of the Basic Necessities Fund. Basic Necessities Fund is an organization that I started along with three friends from Roswell High School. Our objective is to raise awareness about the lack of basic amenities in the countryside, and raise funds to build wells that would supply the people with drinking water. Our way to do this is to stage a play, that carries a social message, every three months. Proceeds from ticket sales go to local NGOs there who will be responsible for building the wells.

On January 1, 2009, Basic Necessities Fund will be staging a play titled "The Other Side". In order to stage it, we will incur a lot of expenditure - from the cost of resting lights and sound equipment, to arranging costumes, sets, and advertising costs. Any monetary help towards these expenses would be appreciated, however small the amount. It will go a long way in forwarding our cause. (If recipient is a business, add 'In return for your generosity, the name of your company will appear on our posters, banners, advertisements, and brochure).

Thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me. I will follow up with a phone call in the next couple of days.


(Your address, telephone number, and email id)
Solicitation for Donation Letter
Date (Format: November 11, 2009)

Address of the Recipient

Dear Mr. (Surname of recipient)/To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Atlanta Law School to request your help in supporting Atlanta Law Students. This December we are holding a "Callathon", during which present law students will call alumni of Atlanta Law School and request them to support the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund provides funding to a wide range of vital areas, including academic scholarships, operations, student services, new technology, library resources, and academic programs. These donations are critical to maintain the standing that Atlanta Law School has always held as well as made strong forward strides.

As our students are dedicating their time, energy, and enthusiasm to work for this cause, we would like to show our gratitude in the form of gifts and prizes. Given that most of our students live and work in the District, and are likely to become future permanent residents, we request your support by considering a donation. It could be in the form of gift certificates for products or services available at your facility.

If you decide to contribute, please send your donation to:

Director of Annual Fund

Alternately, if you would like us to pick up your donation, or want more information about this initiative, please contact me at (number and email id). We appreciate your considering our request.


Director of Development of the Annual Fund
I hope these donation request letter samples will help you in formulating your own letter. You can change it around, possibly make it more informal or formal depending on your organization and cause. However, make sure you write the letter neatly and choose you diction very carefully. Avoid grandiloquent verbiage and jargon of any kind. Make sure that you use crisp and clear language so that the letter is easy to read and comprehend. Remember, brevity is of essence in such cases, but don't be so sketchy that the reader is left befuddled. Master the art of balancing and donations from all directions shall pour in for your good cause.