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Effective Grant Writing Examples That You Absolutely Need to See

Grant Writing Examples
Grant writing examples can help one to understand the essential points and tips to include in grant letters.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Grants are certain sums of money that are given or awarded to needy people, firms and non-profit organizations. The grant proposal money is non-refundable and is sponsored by federal agencies, government bodies and various other organizations.
Free grant money applications are a positive and encouraging step undertaken by the government and similar grant providing bodies to help people and firms carry out their projects that may be pending due to financial limitations.
Tips for Writing Grants
Talk about the significance of your project and its possible effect on its beneficiaries.
Right funding sources
Ensure that you are asking the right funding sources. Federal agencies and trusts are generally preferred so make sure that you ask only to those who have the capability to give you grants.
Be specific
Be specific about the financial aspect of your firm or institution and mention all the necessary details without exaggerating your problems.
Avoid rough estimates
Don't give a rough estimate of the money you need. Mention the exact amount and do some research to exactly know about the amount of money you'll need.
Proofread your grant proposal properly. There is nothing more embarrassing than a grant letter having errors and mistakes.
Examples of Educational Grants
Educational grant writings are required in schools and colleges that are unable to meet the necessary funds. For instance, if a school needs renovation or support for expanding library facilities and it is falling short of funds, then a letter stating the dire need of support, stating all the financial limitations is necessary to be mentioned.
Grant Writing Request from a School for Sports Equipment and Maintenance

24th April, 2010


Mr. Peter Orwell,
Managing Director,
XYZ Foundation,
5667 - Blue Hills,

Request: Request for Funds for Improving Sports Activities For Children

Dear Mr. Peter,

St. Paul's school is happy to present you with a proposal for reviewing the prospects of providing our students a training program in sports, especially soccer and basketball. St. Paul's school has a strength of over 300 students who are unable to get proper sports training, especially for the aforementioned sports, particularly due to limitations of ground area and sports teaching faculty.

St. Paul's school is run by a missionary organization and we are dependent on funds from very few sources. Still, since the last 6 months, we have managed to impart sports equipment to our students and have ensured a local club membership for providing students training in basketball. Since we are low on funds we are still, not in a financial situation to shift our school to a new location that has a well maintained playground.

We have seen a measurable success in our plans and few students have excelled in sports. St. Paul's school appreciates XYZ foundation's interest in helping us to achieve our modest objective. Our proposal requests US$20,000 to arrange the necessary equipment and seek membership from local clubs, hire sports teachers to help our students learn important sports activities, as part of the sports curriculum. We request you to help our school and children. In case you wish to inquire or have a meeting with school authorities, you can contact us on the number (555-555-666-666) between 9am to 5pm or you can mail us at our We look forward for a fast reply.

Thank You,

James Donald
Special Education Coordinator
St. Paul's School
Whether you view the federal grant writing samples or those written for private agencies, you have to, by default include important financial aspects of your request. By studying many other similar samples, you can understand the basic points that you should be careful about while writing a grant letter. Examples of grant writing also help us to understand the correct format for writing these letters, the way one should organize a grant writing proposal and various other important points.
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