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How to Find a Writing Job Online

How to Find a Writing Job Online

The Internet locks up plenty of opportunities for budding writers. You just need to figure out how to find a writing job online, and you're sorted. This article helps you out in kick-starting your career as a writer. Take a look.
Veethi Telang
Jobs on the Internet are like a bar. It's not about how much alcohol is available in there, it's all about how much can you drink. ~ Self

Till when, oh, till when would you keep updating cool Facebook and Twitter statuses? It's time you put your creative writing skills in the right place, and start minting big bucks out of it, and not just 'likes' and 'comments'. If you see yourself as a published writer a few years down the lane, the best and the most lucrative source of money by means of writing is the Internet - a pool of opportunities, a way of living. Whether you are a techie-guy, a jobless folk, or simply a home-maker; jobs in the field of writing are much, much more than you can think. All you need to do is, pull your socks up, and start working. With that quoted, here's some important information on how to go about looking for a job on the Internet without wandering, and eventually, getting lost.

Sources of Writing Jobs Online

I had it the easy way. I became a Freelance Writer in my initial years of college, for I couldn't say no to the dollars that could nearly blind me. I learned that there are a number of websites on the Internet that seek writers for helping their clients in their writing work. Well, I signed up, passed a test, and started taking orders. The clients were happy, fairly impressed with my work, and paid me accordingly. The real trick lies in finding the correct legitimate websites that offer you great income, and job security. But how? The following pointers might come handy. Take a look.

Create Your Resume
To sell yourself, you need to tell people your qualities. Before applying anywhere for an online writing job, the first step is to create a resume and enlist all positive points you have. Every achievement you've had on academic and personal level shall be included, and all skills you have should be highlighted. Computer knowledge, along with cognizance of various writing styles is definitely an added advantage. Don't brag too much, and don't lie just because you know it's online. If you're applying in a legitimate website, they will require proofs of your identification and qualifications.

Let Google Suggest
If you're in a fix about which sites are legitimate, and which sites aren't, you could type in the Google search bar, and generate results. For e.g. '10 best websites for online writing' will generate various results on the most legitimate sites for writing, along with their reviews from the people who've worked with them, and their income statistics. You find out what kind of writing suits you, and accordingly, you could choose the website. Sign up on it, read the Terms and Conditions, and start working.

Start a Blog
One of the easiest way to let people have a fleeting glimpse of your writing abilities is to start a blog, and put all your writings on it. If you have written stuff in the past, perhaps, the best place to display it is your blog. Give a link of it in your resume so that the employers get a chance to check out your work. A blog will show them that you are active enough on the Internet, and are aware of all the nitty-gritty of working online. Hey, blogging in itself is a source of income, by the way!

Put Your Resume on Job Boards
Sites such as SimplyHired, Craigslist, and Monster keep you updated about latest vacancies and job openings in all legitimate companies. Whether or not is your aim to work online, these job boards update you about all kinds of jobs that are pertinent to your qualifications. You could rule out the ones that need you to work in an office, and apply in the ones that command a work-from-home profile.

Internet, it's a new battleground. For once, you might think it's easy to sit in front of your computer system, and find a job, rather than taking appointments, visiting offices, and getting tortured in personal interviews. I assure you, it's not, given the number of applicants that apply for a job on every writing website on a daily basis. It totally depends upon your writing skills, your diligence, and your ability to stick to the deadlines that will help you get a great job online, and stick to it. Recognized websites are too meticulous about quality and deadline adherence. Nevertheless, you've got to agree on one thing that the money you get as an online writer is mind-boggling. The figures are much more than you ever expected, making your job profile even more impressive. And what makes me confirm? Been there, done that.